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Monitor is too dark, looking for replacement light

By yRaz
Mar 23, 2011
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  1. I currently have this monitor


    It doesn't say what the backlight is, but I'm pretty sure it is a CCFL. My monitor is too dark. I replaced a 19" monitor with a 250cd/m2 that was brighter than this and it is listed as 300cd/m2. When I got the monitor I needed a replacement and didn't bother sending it back. Now it is too late for that. I would like to know if I can replace the back light. If so, where can I get one. I've done a fair bit of googling and have not found anything, I don't really know how to search for this kind of thing.

    I would like to note that I very much enjoy this monitor and the pros out weight the cons by an order of magnitude. I would buy this monitor again even if it really is dark. It has NO DITHERING, even with very close shades over a large area. The 14ms response time isn't noticeable. I think that this is measured in a full black-to-white instead of the more popular gtg.

    anyway, any help is much appreciated even if the answer is "no, that's not possible."
  2. Mizzou

    Mizzou TS Enthusiast Posts: 783

    Although it's not something I've ever attempted myself it looks as though it can be done. Found this link as a possible source for the lamp itself and it appears there is a link for instructions. Didn't track it to your specific monitor and don't know if these guys are reliable but maybe it's a good place to start.

  3. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Topic Starter Posts: 2,606   +1,774

    I have had something strange happen with my monitor and I have no idea how this even works. I took the stand off of my monitor and it got brighter. The only reasonable explanation I could come up with is that something loose and I knocked it back into place moving it around. I would say it got brigher by about 15%(no, I can't really measure this stuff, it just seems like a good number). I wasn't sure about it really being brighter so i asked my family and they all agreed. Settings are all the same, anyone know what could have happened?

    I bet this is where I learn my monitor is dying.

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