Displays Monitor not turning on after a regular restart

Hi all.

I was working with my computer when I installed Netlimiter, which asked me to reboot. Everything was working okay, and I did a normal restart (i.e. Start -> Restart). To my surprise, the screen didn't turn on, although after a couple minutes, I could hear the Windows 7 startup sound.

· No sound can be heard coming from the motherboard.
· I've changed the monitor to another one, same result (it's not turning on).
· Normally, my video card's fan would start at full speed when I turned on the computer and then slow down when it got to the logon screen: Now I can hear the logon screen sound and the gfx card's fan still at maximum speed.
· I have no other video card to try on the computer, nor can I try this one on another computer (I'm pretty screwed).
· I've dis/re-connected everything at least twice (RAM, card readers, USB...). I've also tried to turn the computer on with nothing but the keyboard and the monitor connected to it. Same result.
· Visually, there's nothing wrong with the video card (no fat capacitors, nothing seems to have "burnt").
· I tried to start the computer with the video card disconnected, and it got to the logon screen (i could hear the sound). Isn't it working? The fan is on.

AMD Phenom II AM3
4GB@1033 RAM
GeForce 8600 GTS (drivers were the previous version to the one that screwed gfx cards up)
SATA 250GB HD (regular one)

What can be wrong? If it was a video card issue, would the computer be getting to the logon screen, or just beep before even try to boot from HD/CD?

Thanks in advance.


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This is confusing, because generally you would hear the BIOS have a beep code error saying there is no Video output connected, I assume you do not have On-board video? If the video card is defective/Disconnected from the computer you should have a Beep code, and not get to the Windows Logon screen..

If it is getting that far but you are not getting video then it either seems it is a video card problem, or a PCI port problem..


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sounds like there maybe a fault with the software netlimiter when you installed it because it seems strange that everything was working ok BEFORE you installed the software but NOT after.

Does your mobo have onboard VGA? if so try booting with the monitor plugged into the onboard VGA.

I also recommend maybe trying a new HDD instead and see if you get a screen then.

Another idea might be that the BIOS has been effected in some way as you dont seem to be getting any BIOS beep codes. you could try resetting this and see if that helps. To hard reset your BIOS take out the CMOS battery from the mobo and - even though you dont have to wait this long - leave it out for about 10 mins and then re-install the CMOS battery. This should reset the data on your BIOS. Try re-booting and see if this allows the boot screen to come up.

Hope this helps