Monitor out of range (not always)

By madvicho
Mar 14, 2017
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  1. Please help with this.

    I built my own pc and I have a little problem with my monitor. When I turn the pc on, "sometimes" the screen says "out of range 60.1 khz / 60 hz " so I have to reset, select normal mode and no problem!. but I dont want to force the reset every time the message appear,

    Like I said, this happen sometimes, other times it runs normally. The resolution of the montior is 1600x900 and the pc is configured that way. Is a led monitor LG 20M38A. It only have VGA Output, so I use a VGA-HDMI conversor to connect to my graphic card.

  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Problem may arise from minor corrosion on connectors. Power down. Disconnect & re-connect 2-3 times and see if problem recurs. If it does, then issue may be conversion device, so try another and/or another cable. If problem continues, it may be a defect with monitor or with video card - test on other systems to see what the problem 'travels' with.

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