Monitor/PC shutdown after 15 minutes of gameplay

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I have recently got back into PC gaming after purchasing Dawn of war 2.

im having a problem where anygame i play on any settings i get 10-15 minutes into the game and my monitor will turn off and then the sound of the game will get distorted, also sometimes the pc shutsdown completely.

When the monitor turns off i have to hold down power button on machine as i cannot turn the monitor back on.

my PC is a very high spec machine.

i have:
4 GB ram
windows xp with SP2
quadcore processor
2 512mb ATI graphics cards using SLI
250gb harddrive

this machine was made from scratch by a independant supplier and has now run out of warranty.

i upgraded my graphics card and still the same issue happens, this issue did happen in the past but i got a bigger power supply which at the time resolved the issue, (in the past i got a complete shutdown never did i get just the monitor turn off)

i went onto the ATI website to get hold of graphics driver, and while on there i checked to see if my motherboard used ATI driver, it was asking me to install the latest driver saying my motherboard currently does not have one.

this now happens on everygame i play, any help would be great.




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Any luck with this? I would suspect the motherboard/bios, cpu temp settings are incorrect or they need to be raised a bit


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3 things to check:

1. PSU is going bad - test with a tester tool and multimeter UNDER LOAD.
2. test ram with memtest 86+ for 7 passes. ram may have overheated and is gone bad
3. test temps on CPU. regoo the CPU with thermal grease.


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got a pc doctor to have a look, seems it was my power supply being to low to cope with SLi, its 570watts and i need at least a 800watt power supply which will cost around 100 quid.

works perfectly well with 1 512mb card so will save up and get bigger supply so i can upgrade to full 1gb of graphics.
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