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Apr 20, 2010
  1. Ok, I'm still having some problems with my monitor or GPU im not sure which.

    Well, When i turn the computer on in the morning im unable to see anything, even if i press delete repeatedly to go into bios settings because my monitor is still in power saving mode with the flashing light. I have to wait a good minute or 2 until the OS has fully loaded then it decides to come out of PS mode but isnt instant, still a blank screen for a good 20-30 seconds. However once activate all seems fine, even when i restart i get to see my GPU post screen before my mboard post screen which is how it should be.

    When i minimize out of a game, it jumps into ps mode again for about a minute & same when i jump into games. Its not all the time but its very annoying.

    I have tested the monitor on my other system which it worked perfectly & my other systems monitor on my main one & same again, worked perfectly. I swapped GPU's over & still worked perfectly but when i use my GPU & my monitor it does it.

    This has only really happened until i got windows 7 64bit but i cant see how it should make a diff because my other sys has the same os to. Ive disabled the auto power saving mode, sleep mode & what not.

    Anyways my monitor is a LG FLATRON W2243S & my GPU is a XFX HD 4870.

    My card cant be faulty because it works perfect with my other system & in games, My monitor cant be faulty as it works perfectly on my other system so I have no idea what the hells going on which brings me here :D

    Hope someone can throw some light on this.

  2. Thomas3087

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    I had this problem a couple weeks ago when I built my new computer, put my former graphics card in (ATI Readeon HD 4850, not so different from yours), and tried to run WinXP HE on it with dual monitors.

    Here were my symptoms:
    -IF the computer booted up normally (monitors not in standby), I could load windows but couldn't play games, or even run small apps on both monitors (AIM, Word, anything) without them eventually going to Stand By. Then I'd have to restart the computer manually.

    -My card is less than a year old and ran better in my 5yr old dell at higher symptoms in the hot older one....monitors are fine.

    Here's what I tried:
    -Reinstalling drivers
    -Updating mobo BIOS
    -Checking RAM, temps, power, all settings imaginable.
    -No one had answers for me on forums including this one.

    Took it to a pro cuz I ain't got time for this. The only time things ran flawlessly on this bad boy was with windows 7 (32) installed. $200 later I'm up and running with a lightning rod machine.

    Try Win7 32 bit jus for hahas. Lemme know what you find. Good Luck.


    Intel i3 2.93 Duo
    Intel DH55TC mobo
    ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb DDR3
    4GB DDR3
    1TB + 120GB HD
    650 watt PSU
    2x DVD+RW 16x
    2x 17in LCD
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