Monitor stays blank, problems worse after reformatting

By aznpyroboi96
Jan 28, 2011
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  1. Hey Guys,

    Last month, my computer started randomly going blank. The power light on the actual monitor stayed lit (in green), but nothing appeared. I did some research, and was told/found that the video card probably overheated. After turning the entire computer off and letting it rest for a few minutes (half an hour-45 minutes) the system would work again--if I turned the computer on immediately afterwards, the windows loading screen would appear, but after that the screen would go blank. However, as time went on the issue got worse. Over the past week, after only using the computer for 10-15 minutes, the monitor would go blank. Also, if i turned the monitor off to go eat dinner or something, when I returned the monitor would not show anything (again, powered on but blank). After doing some more research, I came to the conclusion that the drivers some how got screwed up and decided to reformat the entire computer. After completing this process, the computer started working again for a day. I had some issues finding the driver for the graphic card (Intel Extreme Graphics 2). However, before I could install the proper driver the issues have come back.... and worse! now, after turning on the computer, the monitor stays blank all the time. Not sure, what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm a college student and kind of rely on my computer for a lot of my work.


  2. Mark56

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    This could be a failed monitor or graphics card. Try to borrow a known good monitor and connect it to your PC to see if it works. If not the graphics card is the next suspect, again try and borrow one to prove it before you go buy a new one.

    What PC is this, make, model and the OS?

    Is the screen completely blank when you bootup, not even a blinking cursor in the top right hand corner?

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