Monitor troubles

By bluescreenNoob
Nov 30, 2003
  1. For the last couple months my screen has been very "wavy, littery, flickery." Thats the best way I can describe it. I was just wondering if this means my monitor is dying (it is about 5 years old) or could I have a power problem? I have a 300w power supply, I know I should have atleast 350w with my system but me and my friend thought it would'nt be a problem. I have 1xHD 2xCDROM 1xFlOPPY and 1x128mb video card.
  2. bluescreenNoob

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    Oh btw it doesn't do it all the time, it seems to be pretty random. But once it starts screwing up it doesn't usually stop till I turn the power off and let it sit for a while. Sometimes when I turn my pc on the "flickering" starts after a couple minutes, sometimes it runs fine for hours.
  3. Nodsu

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    You can easily eliminate the power supply problem by using a normal power cord for the monitor by passing the PC power supply.

    My monitor was getting all blurry occasionally too. It stopped doing it all by itself so I blamed it on the power company supplying not up-to-spec power.

    Does your monitor gave a "degauss" button? Does it help?
    Is it wavy etc. when pointed in all directions?
    Do you have sources of high EMI near your monitor? (Big speakers etc.)
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