Monitor upgrade

Can my 2015 build handle light tasks at 4K?

I'm looking to replace the monitor with a 4K monitor, at least 32" Any idea how my build will fair with that? Of course, graphically intensive gaming at high frame rate wont be achievable at 4K, not until a complete platform upgrade is done.

Will my PC handle "Heroes of Newerth" MOBA at 4K? For this game, given the target resolution, I'm content with even 45fps

I might once more try ANNO 1404 & Skyrim too to see how it goes. 35fps will do for those 2 games. Frame rate is not my concern, I just enjoy free roaming & enjoying beautiful landscapes


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A GeForce GTX 960 was designed to be a decent 1080p graphics card, but in modern games with high detail settings, it really struggles.

So the key to playing at 4K with it, is dropped the detail settings right down. Start at the lowest they will go, and then alter them until the performance isn't acceptable to you.

To be honest, you'd be far better off with a good 1440p monitor. I have a 27" 4K monitor and for most of the games I play (9700K, 2080 Super), I prefer to have the resolution at 1440p so that the detail settings can be as high as possible. In hindsight, I wish I'd bought a lower resolution monitor, with a better refresh rate, but at the time I just needed 4K for testing purposes.