Monitor went back to old setting after each restart

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Jun 3, 2008
  1. Thank you for reading this as I've never encounter this before. I have two monitors; a Viewsonic (Max Resolution 1024 x 768) and a 23 inch Apple Cinema (Max Resolution 1920 x 1200). The apple had a little wierd issue for a while so I switched to the Viewsonic and set the resolution to the optimum setting, then somehow the Apple magically fixes itself so I went back and hook it up today, here is where the issue is. I set it to 1920 x 1200 under Properties, but it'd went back to 1024 x 768 after each restart, somehow it's not saving my settings at all. I went to Window Update to see if there's a driver that I need to install, but found nothing. Anyone got any ideas? By the way, I'm using a Quadro FX1100 if that's any help on solving this. Thank you.
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    Just because a new driver didn't show up on Windows Update doesn't mean there isn't one. Go to Nvidia's website for the most recent driver for your card. It's not so much you necessarily need the newest driver but it might be that you are having a problem with your current driver (maybe corrupted or something). So as long as you are reinstalling your graphics driver, might as well get the most recent. Don't forget to go to Add and Remove Programs to uninstall the old driver first.
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    Thank you for the advice and thanks for responding. I read in this forum is that after uninstalling the current driver, one would need to run some kind of driver remove tool to completely remove the driver, is that the true proper way and is it really neccesarry?
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    Just uninstall through Add/Remove Programs, and also check to see if you can uninstall your card through device manager too. Do this AFTER you have already downloaded your new driver (but not installed). Then reboot and install your new driver, and probably reboot again.

    Back in the old days (like GF2) it was strongly suggested to run a tool to clean up files that weren't being removed otherwise, but I don't think that is necessary anymore. I believe they still make tools designed for that though. So I would just do it like mailpup and I said, and if you still have problems, then I'd consider looking for one of those utilities.
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    Followed SNGX1275's instruction, works like a charm. Thanks a bunch. Have a nice day.
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