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Aug 2, 2009
  1. ok so i got a virus on my computer and i needed to reinstall windows. So once it was installed i got all the updates needed and then the service pack 2 update was giving me problems. I searched for a solution online ad found that changing the name of fixccs.exe would make the installation run smoother. It worked and I got servicepack 2 installed but when i restarted my computer the mouse and keyboard were not working.

    They would work on the startup but not on the login page so i decided to enter the bios menu. I thought there might of been a problem there so i pressed the button that restored it to defaults and then saved and exited. Imediately after that my monitor stopped working. It said it was on and connected but the light was orange not green and there was nothing on the screen.

    My monitor had worked perfectly before and so did my mouse and keyboard before i reinstalled widows and service pack 2.

    I have my monitor plugged into the graphics card not the main card.

    It is most likely a problem with the bios settngs and i cant get in to fix that because i cant see what im doing so a step by step guide on what buttons to press would be helpfull.

    Also if you could tell me what was wrong with the mouse and keyboard that would be helpfull too.
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    first thing to do, is remove the video card and see if the onboard video is working. Very rarely is it a case of a monitor going out first. Is the computer turning on and posting?
  3. InsaneVr6

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    First things first you should make sure that everything is clean where the video card is (dust etc).

    Maybe for the sake of things try and plug the monitor in to the integrated card and see if it will boot.

    This sort of thing happened to me and I ended up reinstalling Windows again. I also don't recommend editing fixccs.exe or any other windows file, just for the sake of this fix. You also should be downloading Service Pack 3, since that is the latest service pack for Windows XP.

    As far as the keyboard and mouse not working it is because you jacked up your Windows installation, especially since it works fine until Windows boots.

    The breakdown:

    Method 1:
    1. Remove monitor from graphics card and plug it in to your integrated graphics port.
    2. If the monitor works, great. But we still have the situation with your keyboard and mouse, which has to be a driver or installation error since they were working before any of this. This also means that you are missing a driver for your external video card which needs to be downloaded. The computer is pretty much useless without a keyboard and mouse so you may have to reinstall regardless.

    Method 2:

    1. Format HD and reinstall Windows again (good instructions to do it right are here.
    2. Update Windows to SP3 and download all of your driver's as necessary and all of your peripherals should work.

    Good luck. I know it's a pain I've been there.
  4. matt9801

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    Oh I forgot to mention that i tried plugging the monitor into the default slot and it still did not work.
  5. InsaneVr6

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    Are you still able to boot from a CD to reinstall Windows?
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