Monitor won't turn on

Jun 19, 2009
  1. Hi all my names UPSDW. Points for anyone who guesses what that actually stands for. This is my first post so i think it would be a bit rude of me not to introduce myself and greet the community here on techspot before posting my problem.

    Basically what's happened is my monitor refuses to show a picture when i turn my pc on. I know it's not the monitor because i've tested it with my laptop.

    This problem did not arise out of the blue. I had just upgraded from XP to vista and had experienced a few problems with vista crashing randomly; under no great load.
    So i decided to up the DRAM voltage which temporarily made the system more stable until it crashed again and adjusting the voltage was no longer really an option.
    After a bit of research on the corsair website, i decided to change the speed of the memory from auto to 800mhz hoping it would improve stability. It didn't and after almost 24 hours the monitor won't turn on.

    I've tried taking out the motherboard battery, resetting the CMOS and every possible memory configuration all to no avail.

    I've have problems in the past with the monitor not turning on that have been resolved after a bit of fiddling, so i'm inclined to think it's not a problem with a faulty piece of hardware.

    My specs are as follows:
    -TAGAN 480W PSU
    -INTEL E8400
    -CORSAIR DOMINATOR RAM 2x1GB MODULES ddr2-8500 (1066mhz)
    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Tedster

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    read the NO POST (Power on Self Test) guide in the guides forum. POST questions ONCE per forum. If people wish to reply, then will.
  3. UPSDW

    UPSDW TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It was an accident. There's no option to delete an unwanted post. Thanks all the same though, i'll check it out.
  4. UPSDW

    UPSDW TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i've tried all the suggestions in that sticky post but none of them worked. I just want to get the voltage settings back to how they were before i tried to set them at 800mhz
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