Monitor Won't Wake Up

By Kt3mplar
Oct 21, 2006
  1. What a simplistic title.
    I know more than that might say about me.
    Firstly, I just built a new system. I think the only parts relevant to this thread would be the motherboard, video card, and monitor models, which are an Asus A8N-SLI Nforce4, an Asus Nvidia Geforce EN7600GS Silent/HTD/512MB, and a Dell E770 (although I also tried this with an unknown KDS PnP flatscreen, respectively).
    For some reason, when I turn on the system all at the same time, the monitor remains in standby. To get the system working correctly, I find that I need to unplug both the monitor and PC from the power bar. Then, I need to plug the monitor in until it goes to standby, and then the PC.
    Lately, the monitor won't even come out of standby when I do that.
    Any insight?
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