More long-term Netflix customers are canceling their subscriptions

Sir Sparkles

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I've seen all the films on Netflix, except for much of the obscure crap stuff, TV series are generally "socially aware" committee produced junk with predictable scripts and the good series are few and far between. It's all so meh. I also abandoned them recently. Simply no value.


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Really sucks that people are losing jobs, but...

- I stopped watching their series because if it sucks, then why watch, and if its good it may get cancelled, often with no real closure, or crappy closure. They should guarantee closure. And series chew up a lot of time.

- They have fewer movies now. Movies at least have closure.

- In theory I wouldn't have a problem if they added a cheaper advertising tier, but as soon as you allow any ads there will be more and more ads. Marketers can't help themselves. And you better not add advertising to my tier, and I don't want to pay more to avoid ads.

- Which gets to the biggest problem. They keep raising the price.


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You wanna know why?

because your long term sub has watched all your contents. they want something new. also, when u sign up for a new account you usually get a discount. it makes sense to close the old subscription and open a new account with the competitor. so off they go...


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When asked what they're goiing to do about it, instead of blaming password sharing people and giving subs another price hike, they should focus on the content they're making and/or how they push it.

They basically push the blame outward. Totally out of touch for me. They're hiking prices in the UK again soon...wonder how that's gonna go.


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My biggest gripe with Netflix over the past few years are the shows they put out and only make 1, maybe 2, seasons and they're just canceled with no reason. They have so many shows they've created, left open and never finished.

I went through My List not too long ago and I removed 7 or 8 episodic shows that I had to look up and find out that Netflix canceled them after 1 or 2 seasons and none of them were listed with any specific reason. Shows I enjoyed that were pretty entertaining and seemed to draw enough views, especially if a second season was made, only to be shut down.
It's basically this. A lot of people figure why should I get into a show when NetFlix will just cancel it a year or two later.


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We've been Netflix subscribers for 6/7 years. It was good in the beginning, but with all the other services out now with great content and much cheaper annual subscriptions. I'm not sure our NF subscription will survive much longer. Unless there is a price decrease, another price hike would be like a kick in the A$$, provoking our way out the door.


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The loss of 200,000 subscribers made headlines because... wait it made headlines? Was anybody surprised that Netflix lost subscribers? The end of the pandemic is near (it's endemic now), everything that boomed during the pandemic is going to see a contraction. That was obvious during the middle of the pandemic.

Anyways, the loss would've happened even without the pandemic. Content fragmentation is now the biggest reason people are cancelling their subscriptions (and many of us are turning to piracy again to watch that one show that we aren't going to pay $15 a month to see). Streaming is the new cable.

Original content is great and all, but as others have said, if it is cancelled what's the point? My personal policy is to never watch a show until it's nearly finished, even if that means waiting a few years to see it (only exception to this is Star Wars and shows that are mature enough to be satisfying even if they aren't renewed any further).