Motherboard ASUS P5Q SE

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Hoping you can help !!

Bios Info
Version 0502
Pentium (R) Duo Core. CPU E5200 s.5 GHz
Motherboard ASUS P5Q SE
Samsung SATA Madel HD501 LJ 500g

I kept receiving 'Activation PopUps' and MicroSoft set me up with a custom
reload when no activation numbers showed.
Having the'OldWindows' before and not liking the set up I decided to wipe the Sata
and start fresh.
Spotmau' is a program that I have used many times when I would like a harddrive cleaned -always thinking that a cleaned disc would be better than just writing over
the top of the old.
Thing is I've only ever used Spotmau in XP with No problems - Not Vista.
I used an old computer just freshly loaded with XP and wiped the data and
formatted the drive.
Not only did it wipe the hard drive but when I went to load Vista I found No Bios.
Receiving one long beep and 3 short beeps I clearded the COSMOS and the Bios returned.
But when I went to load Vista it looks like the Drivers for SATA have been wiped as well.
I changed the Bios 'Boot loading' around - cd drives - SATA Hardrive - No difference.
The message that I received - I did not write it down - but it mentioned No SATA Drives and asked for a floppy.
I have the floppy BUT no floppy drive.
I tried the mother board disc with No success.
I downloaded the SATA drives from the internet but when trying to reload Vista it
doesn't seem to register them.
Thinking that the drives would be on the MoBo disc seems to say that it's not the SATA drives it relly wants.
The message I'm receiving now when trying to load Visata is
"Windows cannot be installed to the hard disk space. The partion contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation."
I formatted the disc again - just incase - No luck
When starting with just the Motherboard disc I receive the message
"Welcome to ASUS Motherboard Make A Disc Fort DOS Menu' That's ALL I get from the MoBo disc.
And when trying to load The Vista OS I get to just after adding my activation code for the 10th time and it asks for the drivers. Go through all the drivers on the disc as well as the MoBo disc and try the downloaded sata drives ALL again and the only message I get is
"Windows cannot be installed to the hard disk space. The partion contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation."

Any ideas? I'm just about pulling my hair out !!

Hope to hera from you soon......

Thanks heaps !!



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OK.... So I found out that it's the motherboard... I tried a IDE harddrive with XP and.... NOTHING !! AARRGG !!

Goes through the BIOS fine... then just a blank screen...

I tried the XP disc... nothing

I tried a bootable disc... nothing

Just a blank black screen with a cursor flashing up top....

Can anyone help?

Do you think it's salvageable???



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Just to clarify, you set the CD drive as the first boot device in the BIOS and the Windows XP CD won't boot?

BTW, posting your question twice is not recommended as it will lead to confusion as different people respond to two separate but identical quesions.


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Yes, I tried the cd, dvd, harddrive all in first boot.
And it didnt like the XP at all.... nothing... just a black screen.

Sorry about posting twice. I wasnt sure if it was a mobo problem or a hardrive problem.
But now... yeh... a mobo problem...


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This seems to be a common problem with P5Q series and the Marvell IDE controller
This thread seems the most informative that I browsed.

All I can suggest is to flash to the latest BIOS, make sure the controller is set to IDE (not AHCI) and check the cables. But it sounds like many (many, many) people have tried these troubleshooting solutions and come up empty handed.
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