Motherboard Error

By IPEX computing
Dec 1, 2006
  1. Hi i have just purchased a new motherboard and dual core processor. to go with it i also got an 80 Gb IDE hard drive. everything works correctly but when i start it up it it takes ages to find the hard drive. when it does load up it thinks its the third IDE device. how do i set it to the first IDE device

    the motherboard is a ConRoe 945G-DVI

    cheers james
  2. Ididmyc600

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    BIOS > Boot Order >set first bootable device to IDEx where x is the first bootable IDE channel.

  3. IPEX computing

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    IDE in upside down?

    thanks for your help

    Just out of curiosity would the IDE cable affect it.

    If have an IDE hard drive and an IDE DVD +/-RW. in order to have the drives in the normal places i had to ahve the cable in upside down i.e the end that usually goes in the motherboard on the DVD +/-RW the secondary part in the Hard Drive and the primary part on the board. only just though ofthis now and wondering if this would affect it.

    cheers james
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Nope, the orientation of the cable (although some say "System" on them) is irrelevant, I would find remove all the drives apart from the bootable one and place that on IDE 0 (or IDE1 some have 0 and 1 others have 1 and 2) and set it as master, then see how long the bootup is, then add the other drives one at a time making sure the jumpers are correct.

    I read somewhere that you arent supposed to have DVD Roms on the same channel as IDE Hard drive as it can slow data transfer or something like that. But you can have a CD rom (but not a Cd writer) on the same line as your HD.

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