Motherboard raid 0

By eyemfedup2
Mar 11, 2009
  1. Motherboard raid 0
    Ok I finally think im ready to try my first shot at raid 0
    I have a gigabyte 8s661fm-775 mobo and don’t know how to do a ide raid 0
    I have two 80gig hdd
    2.6 ghz Pentium socket lga775
    512 ram
    Software raid 0
    Any personal experience with gigabyte motherboards would be greatly appreciated.
    Also any links how to create a raid 0 system would also be appreciated also
    As I have really no step by step information
    I have googled it but have had a little problem finding info on my
    gigabyte 8s661fm-775 Motherboard

    this is my first attempt with raid
    I’m sure I need drivers or need some kind of driver boot disk???
    Drivers or links to gigabyte information would be great
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    you would be well advised to reconsider RAID; use the Search tool on this site
    to review how much trouble it has caused our community :(

    see also
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