Motherboard turns on, and thats it

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Jul 18, 2008
  1. Alrighty, i am helping someone build a computer and they ordered the parts and everything, and we hooked it all up. But when it turned on, all that happened is it got power and the fans went on.
    The computer will not turn off unless you turn off the power supply
    The Video Card is not being read by the monitor
    The Dvd rom drive is not opening

    So i took everything off so it was the power supply, mobo, and the processor. The mobo turned on with the switch but still would not turn off. the processor fan was spinning and that was all.

    Now i'm thinking it is a problem with the mobo but i'm not too sure so what do you think?

    Thanks for your time
  2. nickc

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    have u got the start switch from the case hooked up. have u checked in the owners manual to make sure everything is plugged in to the right spot.
  3. raybay

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    Lots of new motherboards fail. Lots of new power supplies fail. Lots of things are overlooked in the excitement of building a new system. Take a fresh look in the morning, then track down every cable and examine every switch. Look for bent pints on the cpu, gaps on the heat sink, cables with a wire pulled out, switches with the wrong pin connected on the board.
    Simple, slow detecting work while treating yourselves as dumb and dumber will finger it all out.
  4. 50crckt51

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    I would also add that you check and make sure the DIMM modules are seated correctly. As unseated memory can often cause the symptom you have described.
  5. Pos_Dell

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    is it plugged into the wall? kidding....does it have a reset switch on it?
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