Motherboard, Windows 7 Compatible?

By lathamstorm ยท 5 replies
Jan 25, 2010
  1. Hey TS I have a GA-N650SLI-DS4L Motherboard and am wondering if it is compatable with windows 7? I am looking to upgrade but would rather not buy a new motherboard as well.
  2. Route44

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    Well considering your mobo can handle up to 8 gigs of DDR2 memory and a quad core cpu I would say, yes, your motherboard will easily handle Windows 7.

    The issue is what cpu you have now. I wouldn't consider anything less than a dual core that is able to do 64-bit applications. Which brings us to the question are you going with the 32-bit or 64-bit OS? In this day and age 64-bit is the smart play. If so, make sure you have 4 gigs of RAM.
  3. lathamstorm

    lathamstorm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you route44. I am running a intel core2 quad 2.4ghz. so will have no problems then.
  4. Archean

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    Yup you should be just fine :)

    However, if you have 4GB or more ram don't bother with the x86 version of win7 instead go for win7x64. Goodluck
  5. Xecutor

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    Yeah, take advantage of the 64-bit hardware already on your mobo/cpu, and utilize that RAM as everyone should! I saw a huge performance increase using 64-bit vs 32-bit, and no change in hardware (6GB DDR2-667Mhz), but as I understand, 64-bit uses all 6GB of RAM, while 32-bit OS will only use 3.4GB or so (even with 6GB installed!!)
  6. Windows7Guy

    Windows7Guy TS Rookie

    Hello LathamStorm,

    Please refer to Microsoft official site:
    Windows 7 Compatibility: (There you will find out about hardware and software compatibilty.)
    There is a pulldown from which you can choose "hardware" and "software".

    Thanks again,
    John M.
    Windows 7 Client Team Support
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