Motorola Droid 3 Smartphone Review

By Julio Franco ยท 18 replies
Jul 26, 2011
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  1. BlindObject

    BlindObject TS Rookie Posts: 412

    I don't mind its size, I think it's quite nice and I do have big hands. Good review, I love this phone and I'm glad I chose it over the Galaxy S II, just because of the keyboard.
  2. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +914

    I have to admit, it does look like a pretty sweet phone.
  3. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,681   +1,080

    I'm due for a new phone in the near future. Maybe this one is for me. I don't mind weight or size as long as it still fits in my pocket. I do like the keyboard. Is 4G even worth it yet? Also I wonder if their is a filter you could stick to the camera lens area to counter act the white balance issue.
  4. anadarco7

    anadarco7 TS Rookie

    Good review, but hope the camera white balance fix can be done in future updates.
  5. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,681   +1,080

    Hopefully before Oct. cuz that's when I'm due XD
  6. Re: 5 home screens
    The reason the droid has five screens is because Gingerbread has the ability to create folders. You can group apps and name the folder. It makes it more practical and makes things less disorganized. I am happy to not have to scroll to a 6 and 7th screen. i can click on the folder in the next screen instead, makes more sense.
  7. Also, forgot to mention that it has wireless n, and dlna. Support for netflix because of gingerbread, blockbuster is terrrrrrrible. :)
  8. I find physical keyboards to be handy once in a while, but I can live without them. It offers an advantage for games, though not so great. I've never really got into gaming on the phone much because of the controls. I really hate onscreen gaming controls. I would have gotten an Xperia Play if it was dual core and 4G.
  9. BlindObject

    BlindObject TS Rookie Posts: 412

    Btw, if you really want more home screens ADW launcher EX has it. It also made the phone's homescreen exchange way smoother and snappier.
  10. Despite the increased screen resolution, the pentile display technology makes the screen look smudgy, blurry, and somewhat pixellated--far inferior to the Droid 1 or 2 screens in crispness. It's brighter, but not clear. I can hardly bare to look at it, and for me the other excellent aspects of the phone (especially the keyboard) don't make up for the lack of sharpness in the display.
  11. So what IS the front-facing camera for?? Are there ANY video-calls possible with this phone?!?
  12. I haven't seen it but, how is this lcd screen vs a amoled screen like the one of the galaxy s?
  13. I am waiting for my new Droid # to is battery life? I know previous Droids have been plagued by this issue.
  14. As a long term blackberry user, this is my 1st android and I have a few comments. The positive notes seem to be covered by all else so I'll cover the (my) negatives:
    -Calendar app cannot sched an aptmnt that occurs every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc. Unacceptable and I have to carry my BB till I find an app to replace the stock calendar.
    -Browser does not support folders for favorites. You end up w/ an alphabetically sorted linear list. Unacceptable if you have the 100s of favs as I do.
    -The screen dims locks itself automatically after a presetable time. Unlocking requires depressing the top-mounted switch, then repositioning the phone in your hand and swiping the little lock thingy to get teh phone working again. You'll do this hundreds of times a day. That is a joke. The screen diming and locking functions should be separatly controllable. No wat around this on the droid 3 I can see.
    -Battery life is poor. I got the extended batt (30% more capacity) and it almost lasts a day if I dopn't talk too much, don't use the GPS, dont use wifi (tethering to a PC or in a wifi area), and probably most importatly, am not in manhattan where the phone constantly switches between 1G and 3G and no service(note: my BB dod the same thing in manhattan so this is not the fault of the droid).
    -The calendar app shows todays date and if there are less than 2 aptmnts sched for today, it shown aptmnts from other days. Other things suck in the calendar but as I said earlier, this app needs to be replaced if you are seriously going to use it.
    -Bloatware. The broswer app has a "set up a social media connection" button right next to the "favorites" button. Fat fingered me hits the social app setup button 50% of the time I try to open favorites. Several other browser gripes but as prev mentioned it need to be replaced anyway.
    -Lest you think all I do is b*tch, the phone has lots of feature way beyond my BB (screen clarity, speed, wifi, gps, multiple computer tethering, detaching email attachments and saving to memory to upload to a computer). But this is clearly a consumer-busioness product rather than a business-business product as the BB is.
  15. Had the original Droid. Just upgraded to Droid 3. Issues:

    1) Bloatware - thanks MOTO & VZW NOT!
    2) 1 is not as much of an issue as this: If you hook the phone up to USB after installing several apps, you may find that some app icons and even the app itself no longer installed. This is a MOTO software issue. It's worse if you send the apps to the SD card vs. internal memory. Only way I found (tell me if there are others) of keeping all apps and icons is to press notifications while the device is still hooked up via USB and change to "charge only" - shutting down mass storage. Then dismount the Droid and unplug.

    C'mon MOTO. Get a fix for this. Way too unstable and inconvenient for business use.

    Battery life greatly extended with Juice Defender Ultimate.

    Calendar does do recurring events as well as one timers. Tied to my Outlook.

    How to make the Droid 3 dock usable:

    1) Take a pair of pliers, grip the HDMI post firmly and TWIST!
    2) Use a flat blade screwdriver & pry back and forth over stub and wire until smooth.

    This leaves only the useful USB connector and the Droid 3 slides on and off like the Droid 1 in its dock.
  16. Come on people. All these CONS you are spewing are ridicules. Geez, is this all you have to do or think about? It is just a phone for Pete's sake.

    The D3 is a great device. Buy it. Have fun with it. Talk, text, surf, email, take pics, whatever. It is awesome!!!
  17. You can go to settings-display to fix your screen timeout problem. Also, use google calendar if you disapprove...illegitimate problems bud :)
  18. The battery life is the worst. I would realy look at something else in battery life of a smartphone is a problem. The phone has great features and apps but the battety life really really sucks. I have tried everything to keep the battery drain down to a minimum but it still don't help. If anyone has any suggestion on how to conserve the battery let me know.

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