Mouse doesn't work on taskbar

By RineEater
Jun 17, 2008
  1. Whenever I right or left click anywhere on the taskbar, including the start button, it just makes a beep and so I can't click on anything. The windows button on the keyboard still opens the start menu, and it's no that the taskbar is locked or something (at least I tried that option from the control panel and it didn't help. All I did was download a program called Pinnacle Game Profiler which is a thing for getting your game pads to work on windows. I can't figure out what's wrong with it.
  2. RineEater

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    well i did more searching than the first time and came up with this thread:

    So i tried what the second guys said- ended the explorer process tree, then started it back up, it works now. It would still be nice to know what the problem is b/c I don't want to have to do this every time if it's not a permanent fix. Thanks.
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