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May 25, 2009
  1. Lately my mouse has been jumping from where it is on the screen to the bottom of the screen, and occasionally to the top. every time it jumps it right clicks open the menu of where I'm at on the page. if i leave my computer for an extended period of time without logging out our placing it in sleep mode i will return to my desktop rearranged with task bar at the top still locked or windows opened that were closed before. My mouse is on a matted surface and the problem doesn't happen when my drawing tablet is connected the my PC.
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    Assumptions are very dangerous... often mistaken...
    Is this an optical mouse (using a red light) or one of the older type that uses a little rubber ball?
    Is it powered from the USB port, or does it require a battery or batteries?

    I have seen erratic mouse behavior with... (in no particular order)
    Driver conflicts.
    Bad Batteries.
    Mouse needs replacement.
    Polished mousing surface. (light is reflected in a way that confuses the sensor).
    Software issues (in particular Virus and Malware)...

    Have you tried a different mouse to see if you get the same results?
  3. kcin416nick

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    Sorry for the the lack of tech info but yes i have tried different types of mouse and i have been running test in the last few days to find Virus and Malware but i have not found anything,
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    Thats not good. What software are you looking with?

    What kind mouse are you using again?
  5. kcin416nick

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    I have used a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 and 5000. i have been using avg, Trojan remover, and spy bot to scan but have been coming up empty.
  6. sayhonkmon

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    If you are using a wireless mouse; make sure that there are not other electronic interference
    items in the vicinity. I have seen devices imit harmonics that cause strange problems.
    I once had a problem at a customer's site that had a computer crash everytime the local fuzz came through the drive-thru window. When the officer key his mike, the system would crash.
    So, check any possibilities....anything is possible.
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