Mouse/KB not powering up

By LordOfDan
Mar 30, 2008
  1. I just recently I installed a new silent CPU cooler into my computer, but in order to install I had to take out my mobo and then put it back together. In the process of putting my comp back together I bumped my PSU into my case a few times.

    After everytjing was put back together I turned it on and the PSU began to Squeal. I knew this meant fan was off, so I took out my my PSU opened it up and remounted the fan. I then put it back together with my computer and booted up.

    It booted up perfectly well, but when I got to windows my keyboard and my mouse would not work. I know its not a software problem because the keyboard lights won't light up and neither will the optical sight on my mouse. Which means power is not going to the ports on the back of my motherboard.

    So I tried sticking my mouse in the ports on the front of my mobo but that would not work either. But everything else boots and works fine.

    So my question is, what is wrong with my computer? Do I have to get another motherboard? I could RMA, but I would like to find a solution that wouldn't leave me computerless for a week or 2.
  2. rick1974

    rick1974 TS Rookie

    i'm no expert, but try checking all your connections from your psu onto your mobo. Sounds to me something simple. Could be wrong though
  3. LordOfDan

    LordOfDan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ya I checked all my connections multiple times, they are all as secure as can be.
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