Mouse Problem (jumping around)

By eskimojo · 65 replies
Jun 11, 2004
  1. Dj_Fisty

    Dj_Fisty TS Rookie


    Still have that problem, and i checked it on my other pc also, and it does it as well........ So i'm lead to belive it's something with the windows xp pro or home os
    reason being is because of the windows direct mouse driver, no clue wtf that is but i seen it in one game where i seen it as an option, i unchecked it to goto direct input and problem was gone on that game..... now how would i fix that fer my desktop / other games....
  2. Shadesta

    Shadesta TS Rookie

    Hey, here is just a thought or something to try if you have not already. Optical mice are very sensitive to light (Optical Mice), and any surfaces that reflect them. I have changed monitors, reformatted dozens of times (I am just a reformat junky), updated/deleted/reinstalled drivers, and none of this helped my issues.

    But, one day out of pure stupidity, I realized my desk top was a very reflective surface (noticed just today actually) and that since I have been using a Optical Mouse I have not used a mouse pad. I simple put a piece of printer paper down today, and have went about 5 hours now and have not had my mouse jump once. - Something to try maybe for someone else -
  3. Tedster

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    good thing fido didn't eat it. You might have to follow him around with a baggy!

    Fido would look silly with a mouse hanging out his end!
  4. Shadesta

    Shadesta TS Rookie

    Thank god I leave princess caged when I am not home, otherwise she would eat it. Batteries, videos, watches, razors... all fair game for her
  5. Fireblade

    Fireblade TS Rookie

    Has this been resolved

    I have the same problem, also it seems to activate loads of windows as well the strange thing is it seems to be doing this on both pc's ?
  6. TheMaskedCow

    TheMaskedCow TS Rookie

    ok this may sound a bit grose but i had a simmilar problem, my mouse woudl start off fine but after a few minutes it would jump around and than stop functioning. It was an old mouse and when i opened it up some parts were a bit rusty. I have very sweaty hands and it turns out that all thoes months of sweating on it caused it to rust. eventuailly it stopped working all together. This is just for thoes of you who have very sweaty hands like me. I freind made me a custom one that was sealed where my palm would be(it is nice to have freinds in high places) good luck to you all!
  7. kalair

    kalair TS Rookie

    Has anyone yet found a solution for this problem ?
  8. ximilion

    ximilion TS Rookie

    Jumping mouse

    I search and search all over the Internet for the solution to this to no avail but I was able to stop the "erratic mouse" by turning off completely the "Windows Update". Hope this goes for all of you.
  9. astroboicito

    astroboicito TS Rookie

    Can you be more especific?
  10. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Funny, the guy who started this thread hasnt replied!
    The only time i have had mouse jumping around was when it needed new batteries.
    However, someone mentioned about a boot sector virus in their hard drive and this could cause this problem. Boot sector viruses are getting much more common and the way to get rid of a boot sector virus is to download the diagnostic utility from the hard drive mfgr website. Inside that utility wil be a "write zeros to the hard drive" utility. This puts the hard drive back to the same specs it was in when it left the factory and removes any boot sector or other viruses. Also works great when you are getting errors installing win xp pro or home.
    The person who started this thread, since the problem cant be duplicated at the repair shop but its still there at home, i would suggest you buy a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). All pcs should have one anyway and they are pretty cheap these days. That may fix your problem. Or, just as a test, run a large extension cord to a plug that is not on the same circuit that your pc is on now and try that. It could be just one bad line, i have had that happen to me!
    A windows xp repair could be in order for someone experiencing mouse problems. You do that with the win xp install cd.
    Always check device mgr to see if there are any errors there.
    You can do an online scan at trend-micro to get rid of possible virus\trojans, etc, as standard antivirus programs never catch them all.
    check bios upgrades for your mobo and have a look at the upgrades as each upgrade tells what is being repaired and it could mention mouse issues. If so, install new bios upgrade.
    Thats all i can think of right now.
  11. astroboicito

    astroboicito TS Rookie

    Tx, nork

    I also have a very nasty problem with my mouse.
    Can you give me a good idea to finish this nightmare!?

    - another computer that it was in net with which presents the problem of the mouse, had a problem with the keyboard and a clear infection (slowness, slow windows, etc.). The problem was corrected after used in safe mode windows, spybot, ad aware, spyblaster, kaspersky online, trendmicro online, ewido online, disc cleaner, reg clean, (without sistem restore) . However never it was identified him clearly wicked agent.
    SYMPTOMS: (of the computer "mouse problem")
    - one day began to tremble the cursor slightly.
    - it sometimes moves from right to left and of below to up.
    - sometimes (very strange) stop to move and/or end the displacement.
    - I proved different mice, usb, normal, of drawing badge, wireless, all working well in other machines.
    - drivers updated directly from maker's site of each one of the tested mices.
    - I revised and I upgraded video card.
    - I modified all the options of the mouse and all the possible posibilities, pointer speed, etc.
    - I used the same secuence of programs and tools to remove spys and virus perfectly.
    : )
  12. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    astroboicito, sorry i cant help you further. All i know about this mouse problem is what i have posted above.
    It seems you have done everything you can do except a new install of your operating system and that is what you may have to do.

    I suppose one go could to dos and type in : mbr /f then press enter.
    You have to leave the space in between the "r" and the "/" just like i did or it wont work. This is another way to fix the master boot record but i cant guarantee it will work and it could cause its own problems so you have to do that at your own risk. It hasnt even caused a problem for me but there is always the first time and i like to have a good reputation around here.
    Have you checked device manager for errors?

    Other than that i am out of ideas.
  13. astroboicito

    astroboicito TS Rookie


    Tx a lot nork
    I tried with mbr /f but...
    "Windows can`t find "mbr". Be sure that the root is correct...etc.,etc."
    I cut and past exactly you typed.
    mmm...sorry I´m not an expert...
    : )

    I tiped: cmd for open a dos window, and...
    C:/documents and setings/Administrator/mbr /f
    "mbr" is not an inern command or extern command,
    program or exe file. (something like that, my windows is in french)

    what did I make bad?
  14. meeow

    meeow TS Rookie

    Same problem here. Mouse goes berserk opening and closing windows at random. Seems to happen after a few hours of use. Lasts about 30 secs to a 1 min then the mouse is usable again. When it stops I close all the windows that opened and reboot and everything is back to normal for few more hours. My machine is only a few months old, though. It's a Gateway running XP Media Edition with AMD Athlon 64 and 1g RAM. Surely this wouldn't be a memory problem...? Mouse and monitor are the same ones I've used for years. New PC is stationed in the exact same place as my old machine which ran Win98 SE since, well, 1998, without any mouse issues whatsoever. Could it be an XP glitch? Anyone experiencing this on another OS? I hate to think it's a hardware malfunction. Not sure I can return this to the store now. Would be a rather pricey lemon.
  15. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    well it could be that the new pc doesnt like the mouse, or that you need to find specific drivers apart form generic windows ones.. otherwise, there may be a rouge app taxing the process time while you move around your mouse..

    have you tried a different mouse on the pc?
  16. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    astroboicito, please use a win 98 boot disk and boot to dos that way. Then run the command i printed above to fix the mbr. mbr /f

    Sorry about that, sometimes the old brain isnt running on all 8 cylinders.
  17. meeow

    meeow TS Rookie

    How do I go about finding drivers for a mouse that didn't come with/doesn't require any? It's just a plain ole "rollerball" Microsoft brand. Don't really think my problem is with the mouse per se. Seems like the "jumpy pointer" would be constant if this were the case. But I am willing to try installing drivers if you could point me to where I might find some...? If not then I might go shopping for a new mouse. This one has (by far) lasted longer than any mouse I've ever had, but I don't guess I am partial to it. Still using it mainly because the one that came with my new Gateway machine is ball-less which just didn't suit me. Too jerky, too much delay, or something. Anyway, thanks in advance.
  18. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Look on the bottom of the mouse and write down the exact wording of the name of the mouse. Then go to m\soft and go to the drivers download section and then to the one for that mouse and download drivers. There may not even be drivers needed as os (win xp or any other windows os) will automatically install drivers for this, but there may be other specific drivers, up to you to find them.

    As for the other mouse you are talking about, they are generally considered to be better mice. If its also a wireless mouse then perhaps low batteries could be the cause, or the receiver in a bad place. But thats only if its wireless. Being without a ball is only an optical mouse, not wireless.
    Unless the optical mouse is damaged, i cant see where it wouldnt be better than the older mouse. But sometimes its a matter of what you like. For instance, i cant see why anyone would ever use a mouse anyway. I use a trackball and you couldnt pay me to use a mouse. But thats just me.
  19. meeow

    meeow TS Rookie

    Didn't find any drivers at Appearently they only care about optical and laser models ... I will see about buying a new mouse. Thanks for your help.
  20. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    I think what is happening is that your operating system is seeing what mouse it is and automatically instaling the correct mouse drivers from its collection of drivers. Much the same thing as the fact that you can install hundreds of printers right from windows without even having to install the drivers as the drivers are built into windows.
    You might even try that way too if you want. But i think you either have a virus\malware or your mouse is on the way out (going bad). If you can try another mouse and the mouse works fine then it likely wouldnt be a virus or malware causing it. Then you would know your mouse is simply broken.

    Wish i could talk you into a trackball, lol. A trackball is really only a mouse upside down. But i find you have better control and you save wear and tear on your wrists with a trackball. I moved to a trackball because i was getting that wrist syndrome and since then never a problem. So i would never use a mouse again. Never mind the syndrome, a trackball is even faster and more accurate than a mouse, in my opinion, lol.
  21. meeow

    meeow TS Rookie

    I have scanned my computer for viruses/malware several times but nothing was ever found. Haven't ruled out this possibility entirely, though. We'll see how it goes with a new mouse.

    Actually, I already have a slight disability in my right hand/wrist which makes it difficult for me to use certain mice (mouses?). Particularly the very rounded and/or wide variety. A trackball might be just what I need. I'll look into it. Thanks for the recommend!
  22. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    trackball or regular.. just ask if you can try the display models or something to see what fits your hand nice and comfy.. and dont worry about those special stuff like laser (unless your a gamer or one who needs absolute presicion)..

    my prefrence on mouses, would be wifi (bluetooth) but if its got a scroll wheel on it i'm happy :)
  23. Dj_Fisty

    Dj_Fisty TS Rookie


    i heard alot recently about alot of problems with mice and opengl ( which is where i have my problem) something to do with certain versions of video card support I.e. ogl 1.2 is what mine supports , 2.0 i belive is the newest and i have heard no reports about the mice problem, So It's Not Video Software It's the hardware.

    Also Could Someone Please Answer me the question i asked on the first page,
    how do i turn off the mouse buffer on windows xp in the reg.
    if you can tell me that i know that will fix my problem and prob. half the others.
    btw i am a tech but i have had not luck on finding it.
  24. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    yes... seems we've missed your post sorry..

    have you tried the usual bag of tricks? what steps have you taken so far to get us up to speed...

    -Device Manger> remove mice drivers, reboot and auto-reinstall
    -tried different mouse
    -fiddled around with the mouse properties in control panel
    -tried a third party driver/software or the brand software that came with the mouse eg Logitech, MS Intellipoint etc?

    and anything else...

    I'm thinking it maybe the mouse speed in the control panel>mouse properties that you change...
  25. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    This has happened to me a coupla times and I solved it by unplugging my Logitech gamepad while using my mouse. Try that if u have one.(not sure coz u've not posted if u have one or not).
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