Mouse Problem (jumping around)

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Jun 11, 2004
  1. meeow

    meeow TS Rookie

    a new mouse seems to be the remedy for me. 5 days now without an occurrence. hope it lasts. thanks for your help, guys.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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  3. SACViper

    SACViper TS Rookie

    Mouse Propertise

    try to disable "enhance pointer precision" in Control Panel->mouse propertise
  4. ch42

    ch42 TS Rookie

    Ok, I found the solution for me.

    I've done these things:

    1. changed the mouse queue (buffer) length from 100 to 250.

    2. in BIOS setup changed that i have leagacy USB keyboard and mouse (have no idea what is that :)

    3. also in BIOS setup i've put that IRQ 12 is reserved in system resources, becouse my mouse uses that IRQ. (You can see it in device manager...)

    I think it's only the last thing but if you have time check it out, i don't have time now, have to finish one 3d animation :)
  5. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    legacy usb means a PS2 mouse. IF you have a USB mouse, change it back in bios or use a usb to ps2 converter

    don't mess around in bios if you are not sure what the functions do. You can really jack stuff up and do some real damage.
    It is best to leave at automatic dectection settings. Your motherboard book should go into detail about BIOS.
  6. ch42

    ch42 TS Rookie

    Ow... great, I actualy have a PS2 mouse, so probably that was the problem :)

    But, damage a computer by changing BIOS, I don't think so. Maybe if i put core voltage to +3V :) And if I make a computer does not boot, there is always BIOS reset jumper :)

    Anyway thanks for your concern...
  7. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    I wouldnt be so fast to push Tedster's advice aside. In my opinion he is right. And i had a customer do just that once. At least from what he told me. All he said he did was make a bios change.
    Thing is, its not worth arguing about, so lets not get into that rut.
    I would only suggest you keep that thought in mind when making bios changes and just be careful for your own sake, which you likely do anyway, lol.
  8. gracedt

    gracedt TS Rookie

    I also had this problem before but I found a way around it. I actually used the help of a tech support forum that really helped me solve this problem. They have live chay support that you can use for free.

    Here is the page for Mouse Support Just choose your brand from the list and ask your question I really recommend it.

    Good luck

  9. davoruff

    davoruff TS Rookie

    Serious mouse problem

    Week ago I have experienced serious mouse problem. First it has begun to behave strange. Mouse pointer has started to stop from time to time and then it has started to move without my steering. Then it has started to open different windows by itself and finally it has stopped to work. I have succeeded to return it in life with a System File Checker with command sfc /scannow and for some period it has continued to work properly but from time to time it would behave in the same manner and after few days it has stopped functioning. I have tried to reinstall windows and mouse would work properly few hours and then it would stop. I have suspected that I have caught virus on the internet and I have formatted whole partition and have installed new windows but it has happened the same thing. After that I have tried to delete partition C and create new one but instead partition system deleted whole disk and I have lost my data on partition D and I have the same problem with mouse. Several times I have succeeded to recover mouse by clearing CMOS/BIOS but it was for short time and after installation I have experienced the same problem which I have now. I have noticed that also other people have got the same problem. If someone has resolved this kind of mouse problem please tell me what I have to do.
  10. Ryanxxl

    Ryanxxl TS Rookie Posts: 34

    "the" Solution!!

    Hi everyone.

    My system Features:

    Win98 SE
    128mb ram
    801 mhz

    May be someone will be able to find the right solution from my IMPORTANT observation about the leaping mouse issue.

    When I got this problem, where the mouse starts to open program and move around the desktop in a crazy way, I disconnect the mouse from the PS port and reconnect it afterward!

    The problem was solved !!! When the problem reappears after a month, I did the same and the problems stops.

    So, maybe there is a problem with the PS2 port which is on the Motherboard.

    I hope that this may help some to get round this issue. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse cable and let this forum know What happens!!

    Note: I nearly turn mad with this problem. This happens when I had Winxp Installed.
    I format my PC hundreds time, I even zero the harddisk before finally installing WIN98. When the mouse started to leap again, I was ready to blow everything!
    All this due to a PS port! It's unbelievable sometimes!!
  11. wannabeposer

    wannabeposer TS Rookie

    My mouse is jumping around too.

    I have the same problems everyone posted.I tried everything that is suggested by all guru's except few.I have xp pro.pentium4 first model,sd ram,etc etc.I chaged two mouse and the present one is working but not satisfactory.It's also a old mouse from my old computer ,tandy make ps2 mouse.It's unwantedly highlight stuff,start moveng files ,work slow and the buttons are not good.But I have no other choice at the moment.I also use mousekeys but they are too slow compare to mouse.I now use both.mousekeys and mouse.I just use mouse to click,save and .Mouse keys to move the curser.So it don't highlight unwantedly.Only good thing about this tandy old mouse is it don't jump like any other I tried.It don't open start,task manager,device manager etc etc.or open turn off computer options. Mouse is very essential on my type of computer as I can't do much work with mousekeys.Now I can't play games with this Tandy make mouse as it's very sluggish. I am not sure how long I will have to put up with this situation.I won't dare to change the bios .Should I try highjack this to find out any problem ? I will post the log file for your expertize comments and suggestion what to delete.Please advise
  12. wannabeposer

    wannabeposer TS Rookie

    i need to add further to my post that when i try some old mouse that worked before on the same computer,my OS just don't recognize them.i mean in the device manager ,the mouse is not even recognized.But when i connect the Tandy make it works with the above problems mentioned .So what is it?
  13. Tenor

    Tenor TS Rookie

    Problem with mouse jumping

    I did read messages posted, and I turned the mouse pad upside down, great, now is working, I need to buy another mouse pad, thanks
  14. MSWindowsUser

    MSWindowsUser TS Rookie

    Perhaps there is bad wiring in the mouse. Buy a new one. Go to a Best Buy, MicroCenter, Circuit City, or any electronic store nationwide and look for any computer mouse.

    I highly recommend buying a longer lasting mouse. If you have a laptop, buy a mouse, disable the TouchPad by pressing the button until you see an orange LED indicator

    blue=enabled (temporarily)
    orange=disabled (temporarily)
  15. megabomination

    megabomination TS Booster Posts: 153

    Have u tried occupying him with an exercise wheel and or some cheese??
  16. tommur

    tommur TS Rookie

    I've been having similar mouse problems to those described here, along with periodic severe slow downs of the computer. It seems to get worse as the day goes on. I can't find any virus.

    I noticed a couple of people mentioned maybe not having enough memory, but here is another possibility. Even if you have enough, one of the memory cards may have gone bad and may be screwing things up.

    A good friend of mine in the computer industry had a variety of crazy problems happening not too long after adding some more RAM to his system. At first he didn't make the connection, but later he thought about the RAM. He took it back out and all the problems instantly cleared up. He took the card back where he bought it, swapped it for a new one, put it in and no more problems at all.

    I've not made any changes with my RAM in a long time, but maybe one of my cards has gone bad. I've been trying some of the more obvious things, but tomorrow I'll start taking out some of the RAM one card at a time. I'll let you know the results if this works.
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