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May 12, 2008
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  1. i am new to the burning biz, but i love my movies. only after three weeks have i managed to burn a movie. downloading is not the problem. but when i went to play my movie there was no sound and i couldn't play it on my dvd player. the burnt disc does however play in the computer but there still was no sound. nero doesn't work at all for me, and i have been using ashampoo. im going nuts here, if anyone can help with ideas or even the basics it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    I have done DVD authoring before with Final Cut Studio. What file extension do the files have? VOB? BUP? IFO? These would be the file extensions for most DVD's. But you can also burn DVD's in other formats that can cause some players to fail, such as DVCPRO NTSC format. There's so many variables with file formats. My brain is about to explode just thinking about it.
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    I use DivX for my downloaded movies, however in order to play them on your DVD player it needs to be able to read the DivX codec which most can't read, just check your player. However Divx is free to download.
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    ConvertXtoDVD, not free, but incredibly awesome. Well, you can use the trial for free, but it will implant a watermark.

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