Mozilla proposes slower Firefox release schedule for enterprise users

By Shawn Knight ¬∑ 6 replies
Sep 22, 2011
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  1. Mozilla has proposed a new release schedule for Firefox based on concerns from enterprise users. The new Extended Support Release (ESR) is designed to allow organizations more time to certify…

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  2. Well that's a turn up... and a U-turn.
  3. Don't know about the rest of the FF users out there, but I made sure to send a complaint expressing the absurdity of these frequent releases...I swear it seemed that FF updated maybe 3 times within a month time period or something ridiculous like that..
  4. jwdR1

    jwdR1 TS Enthusiast Posts: 33   +25

    I agree 100%. Everytime they update (and I foolishly allow FF to update) at least half of my add-ons are rejected because of their silly version check.

    Maybe they want me to change to Chrome or something. :)
  5. I don't understand... Why such a hurry?

    Please, Mozilla let Google do its Chrome as they please, and keep being yourself !!!
  6. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    I mean, ff4.1.2 is what we should ideally be on right now, not 6.something, seriously, new firefox releases were almost something to look forward to, now they're just annoying... And I agree guest, I may just send them my toughts :)
  7. i agree, we should still be on v4.x.x not v6.0.2 -- too much too soon, do all these little changes warrant a full uprev of version -- nope. Being an IT Manager who needs to deploy these browsers, its becoming a PITA -- wouldn't hurt them to give us an enterprise level utility kit to help with deployment, one of the rare things IE does well (IEAK).

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