Mozilla working on new Firefox Add-ons Manager

By Matthew
Apr 30, 2010
  1. Mozilla is working on an overhauled Firefox Add-ons Manager that should rollout with v3.7. Rather than opening as a tiny window separate from the rest of the browser, the revamped manager launches as a new tab. In addition to being in the Tools menu, you can also launch the manager by typing "about:addons" in the awesome bar (which inherently means you can create a handy bookmark shortcut).

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  2. rosiejons5

    rosiejons5 TS Rookie

    Hmm, thanks for the news. The Addons-manager looks interesting! :)
  3. They need too, they may of been the 1st with add-on, however chrome can install, remove, and update add-ons without requiring a browser restart.
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