MS Edge install error

Whenever I try to install MS EDGE through the official setup, it tells
me that I require the latest version Windows 10. I have a limited data connection and do not
wish to update it to the latest version.
Is there any way to get MS Edge without updating to the latest version of Windows.

(Also the previous setup from the official website did not require ME to get the latest version of Windows. Then later I uninstalled MS EDGE. After a few weeks, I downloaded the latest setup from the
official website and now it says that it requires me to get the latest version of Windows)

Can someone help me download MS EDGE without updating Windows (maybe by providing me with the previous setup file).............

Please HElp me OUT :)


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You need a newer version of Windows to get Edge. Why don't you just skip updating Edge and grab Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox? Those latter two are the lion's share of the market anyways. =)
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I think Kshipper is right here. But I am going to take a different viewpoint here - the issue isn't that you can't update Edge and want a workaround, the issue is that you are wanting a newer Edge but do not want to update Windows. Edge is a Microsoft browser, so they are naturally going to tie updates and features into that with Windows (also what is what got them into trouble back in the day with IE, but whatever). So if you really want new Edge (I personally am running Edge as primary browser on all my Windows machines now), upgrade your Windows. If that absolutely is not possible, Kshipper and jobeard are right - get a different browser - Edge is based on Chromium, which is what Chrome is built on, so thats closest you'll get., Firefox is solid too, so whatever. But Edge without Windows upgrades isn't happening.
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