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MS Outlook 2007

By ptim
Jul 27, 2009
  1. Question, is it possible to setup my yahoo account on my work MS Outlook, so that I can send and receive email. All of our company email goes through our Barracuda Server; I don’t want my personal email going into the Server.
  2. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Yes you can...

    Another option you may want to consider is to install Mozilla Thunderbird on a flash drive and check your email through it.

    As for MS Outlook, here are the procedures...
    1. From the Tools menu, select "Email Accounts."
    2. Select the radio button next to "Add a new email account" and click the "Next" button.
    3. Select the radio button next to "POP3" and click the "Next" button.
    4. Enter the following information:
    User Information
    * Your Name: Enter your name as you'd like it to appear in the "From" field of your outgoing messages.
    * Email Address: Enter your full Yahoo! Mail address (for example, "user@yahoo.com").
    Server Information
    * Incoming mail server (POP3): plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com
    * Outgoing mail server (SMTP): plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    Login Information
    * User Name: Enter your Yahoo! ID (your email address without the "@yahoo.com").
    * Password: Enter your Yahoo! password.
    5. Do not check the box next to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)."
    6. Click the "More Settings" box and select the "Outgoing Server" tab.
    7. Check the box next to "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."
    8. Click the “Advanced” tab.
    9. Under “Incoming Server (POP3)”, check the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)". The port number in the “Incoming Server (POP3)" field should automatically change from 110 to 995. If it doesn’t, make sure the port number is set to 995.
    10. Under “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”, check the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). Enter port number “465” in the “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” field.
    11. If you'd like to keep a copy of your email messages on the Yahoo! Mail server, click the "Advanced" tab. Check the box next to "Leave a copy of messages on the server." If you want to delete your messages from the Yahoo! Mail server after viewing them in Outlook, don't check the box.
    12. Click the "OK" button.
    13. Click the "Next" button on the Email Account Wizard, then click "Finished."
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