MS Works 7.0 WP missing ltkrn13n.dll

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Nov 13, 2004
  1. Help...have a brand new machine with works 7.0 preinstalled. I removed MS Office 2003 trial and installed a owned copy of MS Office 2000. I have many works files I migrated to the machine and now MS Works WP wont run says missing ltkrn13n.dll. MS Works Spreadsheet is fine. It tells me to reinstall works which I have...twice to no avail. What in the world is wrong ??
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    Welcome to TechSpot
    If that is your only problem, you download it here:
    Scroll down a bit.

    Or do a FIND/SEARCH on your PC. Other programs may have it in their own directory (Netobjects Fusion 8 being one of them).

    You may have to re-associate the .DOC with Word 2000 rather than Works-Word.
  3. dellasha

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    I hope you don't mind helping a befuddled old lady.

    I have the same problem as ReMarkable with my Works 7.0 after installing Office XP, so I took your advice and downloaded the missing DLL file to my desktop. However, I don't know what to do with it now. I don't understand why Works 7.0 wants this file either, because it wasn't in the original program and it isn't on the CD that was provided with my new computer. The one that came in the program was LTKRN11N.dll.

    Also I don't know how to do this: "You may have to re-associate the .DOC with Word 2000 rather than Works-Word."

    Sorry for being so dense.

    P.S. I don't like XP, either.
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    Hello Dellasha, and Welcome to TechSpot

    The LTKRN13N.DLL file is a newer version of the 11N that you have on your PC.
    Open up Windows Exlorer, and go to the location where you found LTKRN11N.dll
    Now right-click the LTKRN13N.DLL file on your desktop, select "cut", go back to Explorer and left-click on the name of the directory where the 11n.dll file is in. Select "paste" and the file will be moved from your desktop to that directory.

    If you don't have Word 2000 (part of Microsoft Office 2000), that does not apply to you. If you do have both Word 2000 AND Word from Works 7, and you want Word 2000 to open your .DOC files, double-click on the "My Documents" icon on your desktop.
    Right-click on any file that you know has a .DOC extension (usually visibly marked by a blue letter "W" in front of the file-name) and select "Open with". A new window will pop up with a list of all programs on your PC. Scroll down to where you find something like "Word for Windows" or "MS Word" (do NOT select Word Processor, that is the one from MS Works). Click on that Word program, put a tick-mark in the little box underneath, that says something like "always open with this "program) and click OK. That's it.
  5. dellasha

    dellasha TS Rookie

    MS Works 7.0 WP

    Thanks a bunch for the help. As a matter of fact, I did copy the file into the Windows\System32 folder. Now the Works word processor still won't open, but this time the message is "The ordinal 309 could not be located in the dynamic link library LTKRN13N.dll." I did some experimenting and found that I can open my *.wps documents (the main ones I have on my computer) with MS Word. I suppose that's a work-around that I can use if I choose "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." I suppose that will allow me to open a new word processor in Works, also. I don't know what that will do to my Works program if I uninstall Office, though. I don't use Word anyway (I don't like it at all), except to share files with others. Anyway, I guess this is kind of what you were trying to tell me, wasn't it? Thanks again.
  6. skipper50

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    Same problem

    I have a new Compaq with XP Home. Upon installing Office 2003 Professional, I get the same dll error message when trying to open Works word processor. What is the conflict? Copying the ltkrn13n.dll file into Program Files\Microsoft Works doesn't fix it. The file also shows up in Program Files\CommonFiles\SureThing Shared.

    Any more suggestions? Thanks.
  7. dellasha

    dellasha TS Rookie

    Works word processor problem

    Welcome to the club! I've spent two days on an internet chat with my computer manufacturer support anylists and nothing they have suggested has worked. The only way I've been able to open my *.wps files is to open them with Word and then save them again as WPS. I can't open a new Works word processer file, so I have to open a Word one and save it as WPS. I don't think this will be resolved until Microsoft gets into it and since they aren't interested in supporting the inexpensive Works program over the expensive Office one, I doubt if it will get done very soon, if ever. The Works database and spreadsheet work fine, though.
  8. RealBlackStuff

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    Having both "Works" AND "Office" on your PC defeats the purpose.
    Works is the poor-man's Office, and comes pre-installed with the likes of Dell, Gateway etc. If you want Office on your PC, you should first UN-install Works, and then install Office. All .WPS files will open in Office-Word, then save them in .DOC format. Problem solved.
    When you open a .DOC file in Works-Word, it converts and saves it by default in .WPS format, which cuases problems eventually, because Works-Word does not understand all Office-Word formattings.
  9. dellasha

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    The conflict between Works and Word

    It just so happens I find Works a perfectly suitable program for my needs and MS Office way out of my technical abilities and much more powerful than I need or want. I only installed it so I could share some things between people who don't have or use Works. As to this particular problem that started with the "missing" LTKRN13N.dll, I never could get a suitable solution, so I uninstalled the Office program I had installed and also uninstalled the Works 7.0 that came pre-installed on my new computer. Then I re-installed the Works program from the CD that came with the computer, and would you believe it? I still can't use the Works word processor. I had copied the "missing" DLL into the Windows/System32 file, but now the message is "The ordinal 309 could not be located in the dynamic link library LTKRN13N.dll." Office must have done something to my computer that disabled the Works word processor. I don't know where to turn now.
  10. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Seems to me that it's a bug, because there simply isn't ordinal 309 in ltkrn13n.dll. Maybe it's too much to ask but if the application would have been designed to be any helpful for troubleshooting (for developers / tech support), it would have told which function is missing...

    You can see which ordinals the dll contains from .
  11. ecount00

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    Here's how to fix this problem

    A trail copy of office and works are preloaded on many machines, especially HPs. They share several dll files which are removed during uninstall so if you remove the trail copy of office the word processor part of works will not function. ltkrn13n.dll is one of the shared files. It needs to reside in both the windows/system32 AND the program files/microsoft works directories. Either:

    1. go to a site like and download the file into each directory or
    2. search your harddrive for the file. chances are it is residing in other directories on your machine for use by other programs. copy the file into the system32 and microsoft works directoies.

    Try works again. you'll probably get the same error as before but it will call out a different dll. Ltdis13n.dll is most likely. repeat procedure for that file. you may have to do this several times until you've restored all the missing files.

    It's possible you could shorten the process by going to microsoft's website and downloading their word viewer. That may reinstall some of the files, I don't know. You can definitely fix the problem with the brute force process described above.
  12. jdw75

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    I too have a new Compaq with Works and a trial version of MS Office. Like everyone else here, my problem started when I removed the trial version of MS Office. Thanks for these lengthy fix ideas of copying the ltkrn13n.dll file to the places stated, but they don't work. You still get the ordinal 309 message, etc. Any more ideas would be appreciated.
  13. Serindipity

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  14. Serindipity

    Serindipity TS Rookie

    Thanks For Help! But how to insert files into Directories?

    :wave: Hello everyone. I was lucky to find TechSpot and suprised so many others were having the same problem I was! Your last post on " how to fix this problem ", sounds hopeful. ( I too have uninstalled the Office Trial and am missing ' ltkrn13.n.dll ' )

    However, :blush: , I'm not certain how to insert this file and possible other missing files into the "system 32" and " microsoft works " directories.

    Which folder specifically...does it matter where in folder...etc. And will returning to a restore point I set before doing it correct any problems if I do it wrong?

    Any assistance for this befuddled newbie would be very much appreciated!!!

    Note: HP Support suggested I obtain another free Office Trial CD and install it - anyone tried that? If I do I'll let you know how it turns out. :wave:
  15. nononsense42

    nononsense42 TS Rookie

    I'm struggling with the same LTKRN13N.dll problem

    I uninstalled my Microsoft Office trial like most of you and have the same results. I did download the missing file but I'm not sure if I put it in the right places. It did not work anyway. I am now at Microsoft downloading the trial version from them. I'm hoping if I reinstall it maybe my problems will end?
    I will let you know :wave:
  16. nononsense42

    nononsense42 TS Rookie


    I downloaded Microsoft Office from the Microsoft website and installed it. My works program is now running again and no more error messages. I am unhappy however to have to keep a program on my computer that I don't even want to just keep another working. I won't dare uninstall the 60 day trial or I will lose my MS Works again :mad:
    Hope to hear of a solution to resolve this problem completely!
  17. nononsense42

    nononsense42 TS Rookie

    newbie :wave:
  18. Irish Eyes

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    At least you got it working, nononsense. Do you know what will happen to Works when the trial version of Office goes into ' reduced ' mode ( runs out ) ? I'm tempted to do the same as yourself but am holding out for microsoft support to get back to me... it would be nice to just download what you need and get that Office off there! Let us know if its still working or if you found better solution. Good Luck!
  19. Irish Eyes

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    Good News Everyone - Works With No Office!!!

    :bounce: Finally! A solution that doesn't require downloading anything or keeping Trial Version of Office 2003 on your computer at all!
    Four Easy Steps!

    (Caution: These steps worked on a new computer with Works/Money 2004 and MS Office 2003 Trial Version preinstalled from same disc. I had uninstalled Office and Money. Got the ltkrn13.ll missing error and Works Word Processor did not function any longer. These steps worked when I had done nothing else to fix the problem but uninstall and reinstall Works 2004 from the CD containing all the programs.)

    (Thanks Derrick! :) )​

    Step 1: Begin with deleting all Works files from your hard drive manually. My Computer-Drive C-Program Files-MS Works. Highlight MS Works Folder and press delete. Answer yes you wish to delete in all the pop up windows. Make sure all Works files are gone. ( If you've reinstalled Office Trial, follow same procedure for Office FIRST, 1-4, then go back for Works). Close My Computer Window.

    Step 2: Uninstall Works through Control Panel. ( I know, I know, you've already done this..) Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs- scroll down to MS Works 7.0-click it once-click Remove. Again continue through all pop up windows. Make sure its gone. Exit out to desktop.

    Step 3: Just another check to make sure Works is ALL gone. Go to Start-Run-type "misconfig" in box" and press ok. System Configuration Utility Window Opens. Top right tab- StartUp. Scroll down and look at programs included here. Is Works there, checked or unchecked? It shouldn't be. ( If it is I'd have to find out what to do - hopefully its not ). Click Cancel.

    Step 4: Restart Computer. Insert Works CD. The computer will begin reinstalling Works. ( I know - you've done this before. The difference is deleting the Works Folder under Program Files first and ensuring no trace of Works is left. ) Register later. When its done click Finished.

    Now go try your Works 2004 Word Processor from the Task Launcher in your Start Menu. MINE WORKED JUST FINE! Yours should too. Note: Remember the difference was just ensuring all Office and Works files were really gone before doing the reinstall. ( How could I be so clueless...)

    I hope this helps ( and people like you 'nononsense' who've reinstalled the Trial version of Office 2003 should ensure its all gone, 1-3 above, before doing this with Works. )

    Good Luck Guys!
  20. Irish Eyes

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    Please Read Regarding My Last Post!

    In Step 3 I mistyped "misconfig" - It should be "msconfig" !

    Sorry if I confused anyone!
    Irish Eyes
  21. fenderboy

    fenderboy TS Rookie

    I too have this problem. I uninstalled my Office trial and installed Office XP Pro. I tried reinstalling Works with the CD, but each time I try, my computer will not recognize the disc. It gets stuck on the "please insert the Works/Money disc" alert. Anyone else have this problem?
  22. Irish Eyes

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    MS Works may need to be REMOVED before Reloading

    You may need to REMOVE Works (rather than use the Re-Install feature it comes with) and then put it back on.

    Removing ( and putting it back on ) it is covered in my prior post " Good News Every....."

    In your instance, if you want to keep your new Office Program, ignore that I said to REMOVE OFFICE first - just follow the steps for removing and reloading Works. (1-4)

    Its just a different way of doing it that might solve your problem (assuming your CD drive is working with other programs). When Works is completely gone and I say " Restart Computer and insert works disc" you're just inserting the disc when you've arrived at your desktop - it starts its Install Window itself when Works is not on the computer.

    Note: "misconfig" should be "msconfig"

    Good Luck! :)
  23. dellasha

    dellasha TS Rookie

    BINGO! Thanks a bunch, Irish Eyes, for sharing this solution. None of my HP support anylists could come up with one that worked. Now my Works 7.0 is working fine. I printed out the steps and am saving them for any future similar situations. Thanks again.
    Granny dellasha
  24. Irish Eyes

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    That's Great - I'm glad it worked for you! (Nice not to have to keep Office on your computer when you don't want it cluttering things up) It was my 4th HP support guy who got it by the way. One woman before had actually told me I'd have to use system recovery on my computer ( wipe it out and start all over )! Glad I didn't listen to her! Happy Word Processing Dellasha. :giddy:
  25. Luna_Lost

    Luna_Lost TS Rookie

    Irish Eyes

    I love you, I'm in college and was having a panic attack over not being able to access my Ms Works...your instructions fixed spell check is back in business! It fixed two words in this post!

    I'm VERY VERY happy.
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