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MS Works 7.0 WP missing ltkrn13n.dll

By ReMarkable ยท 59 replies
Nov 13, 2004
  1. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Happy for you too Luna! Glad I was able to contribute on this site, being such a newbie! Hey, now there's no reason for you to have any late papers...:haha: Enjoy your Christmas - Irish Eyes.
  2. supportthis

    supportthis TS Rookie

    continued LTKRN13N.DLL problem and how I solved it.

    None of the fixes worked and even after I DOWNLOADED THE LTKRN14N.DLL FILE at DLL DUMP I kept getting the 309 error message. I looked in the Works folder in my laptop and found a newer version of the file, v.13.0.68 .
    I copied tht to my Works folder along with several others it asked for (by error messages), LTDIS13N.DLL and LTFIL13N.DLL and tah dah , Works works fine! and so does Word, perfect harmony. Amazing that two programs from the same company cannot exist (install) together in peace!! Thanks for all of the suggestion which ultimately lead me to my version's solution. :giddy:
  3. Cygnus Floyd

    Cygnus Floyd TS Rookie

    The same dll error

    I also have a problem with Microsoft WP 7.0. I didn't know, but thanks to some of your posts, I do now know that it is because of uninstalling the trial version of Office. I didn't think I needed it and it was wasting space. Is there any way to get it back?

    I actually didn't read what Irish Eyes had posted. That may fix the problem. If not I'll be back. lol
  4. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Hello Cygnus Floyd - (cute name) - just a reminder if you do decide to follow the steps which worked for some of us. Do 1-4 for OFFICE first, if you find traces of it anywhere, and I boo-bood "misconfig" - it should be "msconfig". Good Luck! :wave:
  5. Cygnus Floyd

    Cygnus Floyd TS Rookie

    Sweet Jesus you're a genius, Irish Eyes!!!

    You have saved the day! Thank you so much.... And Thanks for appreciating my name. This was driving me to the brink of insanity. Marry me.... Thanks again! :angel:
  6. aussiebrydon

    aussiebrydon TS Rookie

    A fix that worked for me

    I purchased a brand new computer with Office 2003 Trial Edition on it. I uninstalled the Office 2003 only to find that my Works didn't work any more. I searched here and saw the fix - uninstall Office and Works and scour your computer for remains etc etc. Well I don't have the Works CD so I contacted HP Tech Support and the nice man gave me this fix which worked just fine, and takes 2 minutes.

    Paul: (12/28/2004 07:34:42 PM) You are most welcome. I understand that you are not able to open Works. Please follow the steps below and let me know the result.

    1.) Click on start and then search and select all files and folders and do a search for the following DLLs one at a time: ltkrn13n.dll ltdis13n.dll ltfil13n.dll
    2.) You should get about 4 results on each one. Once you get results the first one that should come up should be in the location C:\program files\common files\surething shared. Right click on this one and choose copy. 3) Click start and then my computer and browse to C:\windows\system32 and then chose edit and then paste.
    4) Do this for each file and then restart the PC and you should now be able to open MS works with no errors

    Hope this helps guys

  7. Rusty19

    Rusty19 TS Rookie

    Thanks Irish Eyes

    Thanks Irish Eyes for the advice on fixing up the problem with the missing dll file in Microsoft Works, I used you 4 step method and it worked great, Problem solved. this place is great, Thanks again
  8. photogal

    photogal TS Rookie

    MS Works Ordinal 309 . . . LTKRN13N.dll error

    Thanks for posting the solution Irish Eyes!!!

    Isn't it amazing how common this problem is!!
  9. brgilpin

    brgilpin TS Rookie

    MS Works 7.0 WP missing dll file - This Fixes Problem!

    Thanks Brydon! The solution below that you posted on this forum worked for me!
    1.) Click on start and then search and select all files and folders and do a search for the following DLLs one at a time: ltkrn13n.dll ltdis13n.dll ltfil13n.dll
    2.) You should get about 4 results on each one. Once you get results the first one that should come up should be in the location C:\program files\common files\surething shared. Right click on this one and choose copy. 3) Click start and then my computer and browse to C:\windows\system32 and then chose edit and then paste.
    4) Do this for each file and then restart the PC and you should now be able to open MS works with no errors
  10. eufdoc

    eufdoc TS Rookie

    Thanks Irish Eyes for the info on getting Microsoft Works to open up. I tried your 4 steps and now am able to use Works.

    Thanks again, Eufdoc
  11. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Hello eudoc, I'm glad that process worked for you! (You too Cygnus- how nice to turn on your PC in the morning and be greeted by a marriage proposal! ;) ) I too was suprised and comforted to find I was not alone with this problem and even more suprised that although its been occuring on SO many brands of PC's with the same pre-installed software package, none of the support people I spoke with at Microsoft or my manufacturer had been informed about it and how to deal with it! While I was on the phone with one of them, they Googled it to try to find the answer on-line in a tech-support forum just like this one.

    It really makes you appreciate all the hardworking people on sites like this that volunteer their time and expertise!

    And Thanks for all the Thanks - all I did was pass on what someone else figured out- but knowing it helped quite a few of you is nice - I certainly didn't expect to be able to contribute anything when I registered here and AW SHUCKS, it sorta gives you the warm fuzzies! Or maybe its the second glass of wine I shouldn't have had with dinner... :suspiciou

    Anyway, glad you're up and running! ( It certainly is a frustrating problem!)
    All the Best,
    Irish Eyes
  12. buckshot

    buckshot TS Rookie

    Hi all....first I want to say I am so glad I found this board, great spot. I too uninstalled the 60 day trial of Word on my new HP only to find some of the functions in Works did not work. I followed the instructions Brydon got from HP support and in about 2 minutes all is right again with Works. Thanks Brydon for sharing! The only thing that is not working is the spell check in OE but guess I will have to live without that....as I understand you have to have Office installed as OE uses the spell check from it. In the end the good that came out of this little adventure was me finding this board!
  13. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    buckshot - I have a similar problem with Spellchecking. I use MSN Premium's MSN Mail program instead of OE. When I downloaded MSN Premium - my Works WP was not functional. Therefore when it searched for a dictionary it didn't find one. I've been told however, IF I uninstall MSN Mail and download it again it WILL recognize the Dictionary in WORKS, now that its functioning. I didn't need to have Office's Dictionary - just Works'.
    So, assuming your spellcheck in Works is operational-it would follow that uninstalling and reinstalling OE would give it a chance to recognize THAT Dictionary. Personally, I didn't want to uninstall/reinstall MSN Mail (too many potential problems - just got incredimail which I wanted anyway). However if you tried uninstalling/reinstalling OE now that you have an operational Word Processor, I would think it would "read" it. ...You do have a Dictionary in Works right? I don't see why it wouldn't 'read' that one on re-install. Assuming you don't mind un-re installing OE now, it might be worth a try. (Especially if you're spelling is anything like mine! :) )
    Just a Thought,
  14. buckshot

    buckshot TS Rookie

    Hi Irish Eyes, thanks for the tip on OE. Yes, my dictionary in Works is working and it sure does stand to reason that OE would recognize it so an uninstall\re-install may just do the trick. But at this time I am just not ready to fool around with it but will probably give that a try down the road. Ya know, I find myself using OE less and less....been using hotmail and yahoo. I used to really get into making my own stationary for OE but have kind of slacked off that cause it seems like so many of my friends are not using OE and depending on what they use for e mail they may or may not be able to receive the stationary. Anyhow, am just happy to have my Works back. My computer also came pre-loaded with Norton AV and firewall....decided to keep the AV (used to use Pc-Cillin) but will go with another firewall either Windows or maybe Zone Lab so am starting to think about uninstalling Norton firewall which is a little scarey. Have heard some of Nortons products are difficult to get rid of so will have to deal with that in the near future. Thanks again for the tip........
  15. JohnBurns

    JohnBurns TS Rookie

    Irish Eyes - just wanted to thank you for your instructions. I was having problems with Works TaskLauncher and with Word not opening properly - I believe your help has resolved the problems. I did NOT originally do a proper uninstall. Thanks - I appreciate your post.
  16. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Glad it worked for you Burns, don't feel bad - a lot of people just use the uninstall from CP and assume it does it's job! Happy Word Processing... :)
  17. Rocklyn

    Rocklyn TS Rookie

    Missing Works file solution

    Just wanted to say thanks a million, Irish Eyes! Worked great! :grinthumb
  18. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    You're Welcome a million Rocklyn :giddy: - Irish
  19. Isa_Sweden

    Isa_Sweden TS Rookie

    Problems with LTKRN13N.dll and Word 7.0

    I've just bought a brand new DELL with a pre-installed Works 7.0.
    Like most others I don't get the LTKRN13N.dll file to work!

    I've though downloaded the file from links rekommended on this site (thanks) BUT I still get the message:

    Can not find the number in order 309 with ltkrn13n.dll.

    I've placed the ltkrn13n.dll-file in the System32 but no... :knock:

    Please tell me step by step what do to! Thank you!!!
  20. Rusty19

    Rusty19 TS Rookie


    Send me a Email at Rustman608@aol.com and I will give you step by step instructions. Do you have Microsoft Works on a Disk ? :)
  21. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Isa_Sweden: You didn't say you had uninstalled a trial version of OFFICE before this problem began but I assume you have. If Rusty's advice doesn't work for you I urge u to consider the simple solution of making certain ALL traces of OFFICE and WORKS are gone, before then re-installing WORKS. ( Again I am making an assumption - that u don't want the OFFICE program) That seems to have worked for many and doesn't involve messing around with .dll files. Ofcourse, you would need to have Works on disc to reinstall (but they probably gave it to you when u purchased your PC.) An old post of mine, entitled "Good News Everyone...Works with no Office!" can be found waaayyy back in this thread. It's directions are simple and have helped quite a few. Hopefully Rusty will get u up and running, but if not, you may want to try this solution. Good Luck Isa! :)
  22. puzzlegeorge

    puzzlegeorge TS Rookie

    Thank you Irish Eyes for your detailed instructions on solving the LTKRN13N.dll problem with Works 7.0 I was helping a friend "optimize" his computer this weekend, and deleted the Office 60 day trial. I got a call this morning telling me his daughter can not access any of her Works docs. I am so glad I found your posting. Thank you!
  23. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Your very welcome puzzlegeorge. Glad your friend's computer is o.k. now. It is alarming to lose access to your word files! It seems many people continue to encounter this problem. If you have a minute sometime, could you describe how difficult it was for you to find an answer on the net? ( I'm assuming you googled it ). Did you have to sift through a lot of irrelevent stuff? Were there many search results? Just curious. I get so much help from others on the net and am only able to help in return so little that if I can make this little solution easier/faster for people to find I'd like to try. Thanks for the thanks!

    Irish Eyes :wave:
  24. puzzlegeorge

    puzzlegeorge TS Rookie

    It was very easy to find. I just googled on LTKRN13N.dll and you were the 3rd item down. When I saw the title "MS Works 7.0 WP missing ltkrn13n.dll - TechSpot OpenBoards" I knew I was not alone with this problem. That is the great thing about the internet. No matter what problem you may be having, someone else has probably experienced it before. The key is if that person found a good solution, AND if they are community minded to post it so others will benefit. I am very thankful that you did both. It saved me a great deal of time and headache. My friend called me a 1/2 an hour ago to tell me everything is still working fine.

    Thank you again Irish Eyes!
  25. iamsean999

    iamsean999 TS Rookie

    LTKRN13N.DLL error what do i do

    LTKRN13N.DLL error what do i do
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