MSI GeForce 8800 GTX review

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Nvidia is now mass producing what can only be considered weapon-grade silicon with their latest and greatest G80 GPU architecture (a.k.a. GeForce 8800). Currently the G80 is available in two mouth watering flavors, both of which are capable of blowing any existing competitor out of the water.

In fact, that could well be considered an understatement as we have already seen SLI 7900GTXs and CrossFire X1950XTX cards being defeated by a single GeForce 8800 graphics card. The GeForce 8800 GTX is the cream of the crop, featuring 768MB of on-board GDDR3 memory operating at 1.8GHz with a core clock frequency of 575MHz. And while all this sounds fairly typical of a high-end graphics card (the large memory capacity, high memory and core frequencies), the G80 architecture is like nothing we have encountered before.

The GeForce 8800 GTX brings a shift in GPU functionality and capability, moving away from the traditional pixel and vertex shaders we had got familiar with, to a collection of floating point processors also called Stream Processor Units (SPUs).

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Nice, but the question is will it be killed by the future of DX10 video cards? For now, and for previous gen games, it will kill all competition (for now).


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Imagine two or four of those in SLI...You'd only need about 2KW of power:D (as somebody said earlier).
That card's so cool I have to go to the bathroom! :D



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cfitzarl said:
Nice, but the question is will it be killed by the future of DX10 video cards? For now, and for previous gen games, it will kill all competition (for now).

Well it will be slower than future flagship DX10 cards there is certainly no question about that. However, you can expect the first lot of DX10 games and probably those to come for the next two years to play well on the 8800 GTX. Two years is forever in the computer industry but I am confident the 8800 GTX will still be a respectable graphics card this time next year.

kitty500cat two of these things in SLI is just insane! Obviously there is no need but its insane anyway ;)


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But... Just imagine running Oblivion on quad 8800GTXs with 1600x1200 + AA / AF x16 ( is there x16? ) and Ultra Mega Insane quality, You would get like 9999999999999999FPS! :D


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9999999999999999 … Is that the power bill or frames per second? ;)


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this cards more likely to play every direct x 10 game than just the new year or so's, and ofcourse this card will be respectable for years, probably younger.
the better the technology gets the harder it is to improve it.


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kitty500cat said:
That card's so cool I have to go to the bathroom! :D


Yeah, taking one of them out of the box and seeing it for the first time sure does give me a funny feeling down below. The card is massive. Larger than anything that I have seen in a video card. I thought the reference design on the 5900 series was huge when I first seen one but this thing is amazingly huge and Long. It measures right around a foot give or take an inch. The GTS version is a little shorter and lower profile but still could give the right person a nerdgasm when they open the box :D

I have nice hardware but as anyone says it does produce better results on a E6600 or above system. But with my A64 X2 4200 I get a average FPS of 89 on F.E.A.R with 16x AA and AF at 1650x1280 wich is still pretty respectable.

Will this card be the the cream of the crop for long ? Only time will tell.

It is still of interest what ATI will bring to the table with their R600 line yet to be released.

Knowing exactly how the 8800 line will hold up against DX10 games is somthing that we will have to wait and see. I myself can not wait !!!!

Lets just hope it dont stab nVIDIA in the back as it did when they released the 5800 ultra series PRE-DX9 that smoked in DX8 games but gave sub-standard performance in DX9.

But I hope history has taught them a lesson :D
So I haven't seen anything about this card that is a newer review so here is mine I am currently running 1 8800 ultra that I just picked up a few days ago I was kind of worried about buying it as it's pretty old I bought two for $40 l.cant hook both of my card up but only one with it so I was worried about how or if it will even play any modern games once I got it up running I was shocked to find out that it will run most any game that I play in ultra high settings games like Elder Scrolls online Ultra high settings the hunter ultra high settings euro truck 2 ultra high settings Sims 4 in ultra high settings also I'm able to stream in high settings and send I'm also running and i7 920 quad core with 9gag RAM 1920x1080 I haven't noticed any drops fps or and leg iv pretty much have try to over work this GPU and have had no suck luck I would suggest GPU for anyone that is looking to build a really cheap gaming rig as I did for myself
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