MSN news Windows 10 app/tile will not open

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Oct 3, 2016
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  1. This title has to do with a submitted post many months ago and yet still there has been no tech expert response. Exactly what does one do when there is no response to a question? I'm seeing numerous people having the same problem. I have my post in 'apps and software' which was quickly moved to that forum from virus infection forum. Should I believe that this topic is taboo or another reason for no one addressing it? I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
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    If no one responds to your question, it could be that no one knows the answer (of those who saw the question in the first place). If so, you might be out of luck. These forums depend on members who volunteer for free to help fellow members out with their problems. Also, not all members participate in helping other members with their technical problems. There is no guarantee that a given question will be answered in a timely manner or answered at all for that matter and if it is answered, there is no guarantee the answer will be correct. That's the nature of free public forums. But surely you knew this already.

    This question itself was posted in the wrong forum originally so I'll be moving it.
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    As I've always had complete confidence in Tech-spot for questions being answered I find your response lacking in professionalism. I find it hard to believe with so many techies out there that there is not one that would be able to explain the resolution to the problem. VERY disappointed. I will follow up with you if and when I get an answer to my question. This type of response makes me seriously wonder if the forum priorities aren't changing.
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    Please keep in mind that answers to technical questions such as yours are answered by fellow members of TechSpot who are all unpaid volunteers. No one is obligated to answer any questions that anyone posts. TechSpot itself does not take the responsibility to make sure each and every question is answered. It is a free volunteer community forum not a paid service where one can demand answers. That means that sometimes questions can go unanswered or inadequately answered. I'm sorry that your technical question was not answered to your satisfaction but that happens sometimes.

    My comment at the end was based on my incorrect belief that you knew this already since you have been a member for approximately two years now. My answer to your post in this thread was an attempt to explain how these forums work and to help you understand why you didn't get an answer yet. I was just trying to help you. Instead I've offended you in some manner. Sorry about that.
  5. PhilipMoore62

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