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Dec 15, 2005
  1. :confused: :confused: I am running xp home and have already installed a sound card CMI8738 and winfast tv card. I recently purchsaed an AGP card so I could use a certain program but since installing it my sound does not work. The only error under device manager is under Other Drivers - with yellow question marks next to Multimedia controller and also next to Multimedia Video Controller. Every time I start up my system the found new hardware comes up and I have selected search the intertnet but can never find the driver it needs, unfortunately I dont know which driver it is looking for. I have uninstaleld and reinstalled my tv card, agp card and sound card and still this problem is occuring, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confused: :confused: I did notice however that whilst looking through all my device managers one of the screens listed my audio codec as CMI9738 where the sound card is a CMI8738 :confused: :confused:
  2. vegasgmc

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    You need to go into the BIOS and disable the onboard audio( the CMI9738).
  3. blue_dragon

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    Didnt your tv card and sound card come with an installation CD? Installation CD's are a standard that have drivers to work your devices.
    A question mark usually means that the driver was not installed or is not installed correctly
  4. Maneater

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    Still having Problems

    First of all thanks to those who responded. I disabled the onboard sound as informed but still no sound.

    I have since physically removed both sound card and tv capture card and re-positioned them into pci slots. The sound card was picked up and driver reinstalled and is working AOK, it did not seem to pick up on the capture card but it is positioned correctly, however the only two hardware error messges I get are for multimedia controller and multimedia video controller. I have put in the cd for the capture card and tried to reinstall the programs/drivers etc but now an error message comes up saying NOT SUPPORTED 4121241212. The capture cards is a Winfast TV2000 xp deluxe and was working before I installed the AGP card. I even tried letting the system find the drivers over the net but to no avail.

    When I installed my agp card I had to plug my monitor into it as it would not work in its normal plug in position. Hopefully I have explained myself so one of you knowledgeable people can find me a solution. Thanks very much appreciated.
  5. vegasgmc

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    I have that TV card and it uses an audio cable that goes from the card to the sound card. I also had to enable the audio out for the sound card.
  6. Maneater

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    Yes thats right however the sound is not an issue anymore, it is the multimedia controller and multimedia video controller drivers.
  7. plummer

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    Multimedia audio controller

    I have a similar problem. I have a Dell 4600 (P4 266, 1gig ram, win XP) with Creative SB Live sound card. Two days ago my power supply went dead and I had to replace it with an Antec power supply. My clock got reset to 6/2004 which I fixed. Since then every time I start my computer the New Hardware Wizard popped up and it found a "multimedia audio controller". Yet, it could not find the driver for me and therefore has a yellow ? next to it. I have tried to re-install the Creative SB Live soundcard driver and no help. My sound card is actually working well. I only have another PVR (Hauppauge 150MCE card) added to my computer and its driver has been updated and won't work with this "multimedia audio controller". Morover, this TV card has been in my computer more than a year and I did not have this problem before. All this started after my power supply went dead and I replaced it with another. Does this have anything to do with the power supply? Any input is appreciated. This is driving me nuts.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    multimedia audio controller

    Try disabling the onboard audio driver through BIOS as suggested to me a few posts back. That got rid of the multimedia audio controller error, but I still have the others.
  9. plummer

    plummer TS Rookie

    Thanks Maneater,
    Please excuse my ignorance. How do I disabling the onboard audio driver through BIOS?
  10. plummer

    plummer TS Rookie

    You were right. I disabled the integrated audio in BIOS and this error message got resolved. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter


    No problems, it came to me from vegasgmc so he helped us both. Still have my multimedia controller and multimedia video controller errors
  12. Twigkat

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    I have exactly the same problem - and had posted in a different thread. I have followed all the advice to date (including removing the modem) all to no avail. (See here and here for system information for what is happening.

    I've checked the drivers and nothing removes the question marks - however the sound, display / monitor all seem to work fine.

    I have managed to successfully install some extra RAM for this machine. just wish I could get rid of the yellow question marks! Any other tips?

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