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Jan 9, 2009
  1. Several days ago I started getting multiple BSODs. Thinking I had bad ram I replaced the ran with new Kingston modules. Was still getting the BSODs. The errors were not all the same. I next reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP and still getting the BSODs. I would really appreciate any help as this is getting very frustrating. I will attach the latest dump files. These files were generated after I reinstalled Windows XP. If you need to see any of the files prior to the reinstall I can upload those too. Thanks for any help!
  2. CCT

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    You get 5 different things for those dumps -

    zlclient.exe ; ZoneLabs (ZoneAlarm?)
    DKService.exe; DiskKeeper
    g2ax_host.exe; Go To Assist Express
    SiWinAcc.sys ; SIS SATA Drive Accelerator driver
    mmc.exe ; Microsoft Management Console

    Disable them in and run (offline obviously if the ZA is disabled) and see how it goes. Then enable one at a time. Memory corruption cited once anyway - run Memtest 7 passes.
  3. myester

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    CCT thanks for the response. I've attached five different dump files that are a few days older than the ones I posted this morning. I was wondering if you could look at those and give me your advice. It seems that they are almost all different so I don't know where to look for the problem. I ran memtest86 on the ram and no errors were found. It ran several hours and then said the test was complete and to hit esc to exit. It said it ran 3 passes. Is there a trick to getting it to run until I stop it? I'm beginning to wonder if there is some other hardware issue. I looked at the Event Viewer and one of my hard drives is reporting bad blocks. It's not the C: drive but I wonder if a failing hard drive could cause these problems or if it's unrelated. Thanks for all you help.
  4. CCT

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    Principally nv4_disp.dll & ntkrnlmp.exe.

    These are vague - drivers OR hardware OR both.

    What to do? I dunno!

    Me, with that kind of hodgepodge of errors, I would copy off what I valued and re-seat all removable devices (Ram, cards, connectors, etc) reformat and re-install the bare bones (chipset, ethernet).

    Make sure Windows Firewall is on (best if you are behind a router), then service packs.

    Run a few days.
  5. myester

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    I'll give that a try. Thanks for all your help!
  6. myester

    myester TS Rookie Topic Starter

    More troubleshooting this morning. I suspected a RAM issue even though the ram passed memtest86 on several occasions. I tried testing with Prime95 and it fails. After much troubleshooting it appears that Prime95 runs fine when I have the ram in single channel mode but consistently fails when in dual channel mode. I will run today in single channel mode. Does that sound like a motherboard issue or ram?
  7. CCT

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    Run one stick at a time in Prime95.

    Do either fail?
  8. myester

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    One stick at a time runs fine. Two sticks run fine as long as it's in single channel mode. As soon as I move them to dual channel mode Prime95 fails.
  9. CCT

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    If you have an AMD dual core, update the AMD dual core driver and the dual-core optimizer.

    If not, check for Bios updates.
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