Multiple iexplorer.exe programs running

By gmalcombe
Jan 3, 2010
  1. My computer is running a bit slow. All I can see is the 2 iexplorer.exe programs running. I am concerned this is malware. Please help me with this problem.

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  2. Bobbye

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    Welcome to TechSpot, gmalcombe. Multiple iexplore.exe processes are normal for IE8.

    To help prevent the Tracking Cookie: Reset Cookies

    For Internet Explorer: Internet Options (through Tools or Control Panel) Privacy tab> Advanced button> CHECK 'override automatic Cookie handling'> CHECK 'accept first party Cookies'> CHECK 'Block third party Cookies'> CHECK 'allow per session Cookies'> Apply> OK.

    I have noticed that you have multiple antivirus programs running:

    You should decide which you want to keep and remove the others for the following reasons:
    • Multiple antivirus programs can cause conflicts that may leave the system more vulnerable.
    • Multiple antivirus programs can also slow down the system.

      Since you have multiple processes running for both programs and they are both free, you need to decide which to keep and uninstall the other. Download ONE of these removal tool for the AV you don't want to keep and save it to your desktop- don't run it yet:

      Of the two programs, if they are both fully functional, I'd like to suggest you keep Avira and remove AVG.
      AVG Removal: Note: You may have to reinstall AVG to uninstall it fully. Download the removal tool and save to your desktop.

      To uninstall Avira:
      In order to remove the software, click on the Windows Start button, go to Settings or to System Administration, Software and select the Avira AntiVir software entry. Click on Remove.

      Note:Security programs are best removed while in Safe Mode.
      Boot into Safe Mode
      • Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.
      • Select the Safe Mode option when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, and then press ENTER.

      Either run the AVG Tool or remove Avira as instructed. Use Windows Explorer> Programs to delete the folder for the AV you are NOT keeping. Reboot the computer when through.

      While still in Safe Mode:
      Take all of the HP processes off of startup> Digital Imaging +. None need to start when you boot. This can also slow you down:

      Start> Run> type in msconfig> enter> Selective Startup> Startup tab> Uncheck the following:

      Smart Web Printing\hpswp_BHO.dll

      when through click on Apply> OK. Reboot> NOTE: on the first reboot after making the startup changes, you will get a nag message which you can ignore and close after checking 'don't show this message again.' Stay in Selective Startup.

      TIP: Toshiba preloads a lot of processes on their system before shipping. Most users don't know they're running or use them. When you have time, check the Toshiba entries on Start and in Add/Remove Programs. For any you don't recognize, do a Google search. If you don't use them or want them, remove them>>> make for more speed!

      Congratulation! :grinthumbI don't see any malware on your system and the slowness is due to excess processes starting up.
  3. gmalcombe

    gmalcombe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for all the help so quickly.
  4. Bobbye

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    You're welcome. It was my pleasure to tell anyone their system was clean!!
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