Music Players for Mac OS

My friend Michael has his entire music collection on his MacBook Pro. He interfaces his laptop with a Bluetooth receiver which in turn drives the primary signal into the aux input on his Denon Hi Fidelity amplifier which, in its turn drive a pair Audiophile Standard speakers. For thee most part the setup works well enough but . . . . from time to time tracks will crackle, jump, or otherwise behave in a manner that interferes with the listening process. The music is stored on a 2TB external hard drive. The USB cable has been renewed, the USB sockets on the external drive and on the MacBook have passed professional inspection. The Bluetooth receiver is brand new aas are the amplifier and speakers. The amp, speakers and Bluetooth interface cost ZAR 45,000 and change so we are dealing with high-end equipment if in the middle of the category. I am pretty sure that it's the Apple iTunes media player which is to blame. I've come across similar issues which have eventually turned out to be software (media player) related. Any advice that you can proffer will be most welcome and greatly appreciated. If there exists an alternative media player to the iTunes built-in one I'd be very interested to try it. Unfortunately, my favourite player is AIMP but there is no version for Mac OS. I'm desperate ;-)
Regards and thanks in advance,
Peter Garnett 21/01/2021