Musk says Twitter DMs should use end-to-end encryption


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Why it matters: It's been a wild ride since the announcement of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter. The SpaceX and Twitter CEO has been anything but shy about voicing his opinion on Twitter's practices as they relate to content moderation. Earlier this week, the tech pioneer made his stance on message encryption very clear when he tweeted that Twitter DMs should be encrypted end-to-end, much like Signal and other secure messaging platforms.

Musk made the statement only a few days after entering into the agreement to buy the popular social media platform. Implementing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) supports Musk's goals for the platform, which include improving Twitter with " features, making algorithms open-source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans."

In its current state, any direct message sent between Twitter users is viewable by the sender, the recipient, and any Twitter administrators with the required level of system access. What does this mean to the average user? Your direct messages, which are typically intended to be private between parties, are not private at all. They can be pulled and viewed at any time by the 3rd party (in this case, Twitter's admins). The ability to access these messages means they are accessible for anything from replies to law enforcement requests to hackers and malicious actors wishing to exploit or cause harm to the senders, recipients, and other parties referenced in the messages.

E2EE helps to prevent these 3rd parties from inappropriately accessing private messages. Instead, messages are converted to ciphertext, making them useless to anyone accessing or intercepting the message. The ciphertext can only be decrypted when the sender and receiver have the right cryptographic keys to decrypt the original message. This encryption is intended to keep the data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability, known as the CIA triad.

Proponents of online privacy welcome E2EE and the protections that it provides. Other users, ranging from world governments to charity and special interest groups, feel that E2EE goes too far and helps to hide criminal activity and protect those engaged in it. The only certainty today is that the lines around online privacy are, and will likely continue to be, anything but clear.

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He didn't say he's gonna make it end-to-end just that it should be, so this could mean nothing.


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The need for privacy and anonymity creates a demand that comes from normal people (criminals have already their own specialized solutions they are not rely on Twitter). When someone is running a business if he want to be successful he have understand and respect the needs of his customers, otherwise he will not be able to handle the demand they produce because he will not even see it. When two or more people are talking, their conversation is private (this privacy is also protected by law). There are other user generated data that are public and can be used to display personalized ads.

I think it would be good for people to have easy access via the Twitter platform for peer to peer true private video conferencing (true private = end-to-end encryption with encryption keys created in place rather than on a remote server) and with additional feature sending privately cryptocurrencies with minimal fees.


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With the trend being towards censorship particularly in Europe I wonder how Musk will handle their demands for backdoors or no encryption at all.


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Why do you thing encryption of messages isn't a good idea?

Because if a person with a lots of followers like Donald Trump lies on tweeter, no one can put an end to it... Get it...! It takes Three (3) repeated Lies to become truth in brains of the majority of people...!


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Because if a person with a lots of followers like Donald Trump lies on tweeter, no one can put an end to it... Get it...! It takes Three (3) repeated Lies to become truth in brains of the majority of people...!
I think you are confusing content filtering and encryption. Get it...!