My computer has multiple malwares and im losing my mind :-(

By swanbau
Dec 4, 2009
  1. Hello techpost experts and fellow-helpers,

    iv completed all the 8 steps you've mentioned and now im attaching my logs to this thread. all the scans didn't help at all and my problems are still the same. my computer (a dell inspiron 6400 laptop) has multiple malwares. some of the most obvious symptoms are listed below:

    1) When i open to see the 'task manager' i see two internet explorers running even when iv opened only one. and the second one just does not go away.

    nowadays, i only use safari, firefox and opera. and sometimes it feels like even safari has become infected.

    2) when i start the computer, it beeps a couple of times. sometimes 6 to 7; today everytime i opened the computer, it beeped 2-3 times. sometimes when i open
    the computer, right after the desktop comes up, it hangs. and iv to pull out the batteries to shut it down and re-start.

    3) avast says a certain qcod.exe in c: has a rootkit. and this message keep on coming even after i delete the virus or send it to the quarantine area again and again. the reported file is nowhere visible when i check c: drive myself.

    4) some keys on my keyboard do not work right. the 'i' does not type. sometimes, the key 'i' works but when i type the keys around 'i', i get unusual results. for example, when i type 'u' and 'o', I get 'ui' and 'oi'. today, as i type, the 'i' is not working but the rest of the keys is and im typing the 'i' using the copy-paste function.

    many people have told me the non-functioning 'i' key is a hardware problem. but the funny thing is i got this the first time when i was chatting in yahoo messenger. this problem gave me a lot of trouble and one day, it just disappeared. it came back again. and disappeared again. and one day when i was chatting in yahoo messenger, it came back again. This again happened one more time. I think Im getting viruses when i chat on the yahoo messenger. One day, i was chatting and when i pressed the 'i' key, instead of 'i', i got a series of random letters. that's why i believe that this is a virus rather than a hardware problem.

    when i formatted my computer 3 months ago after the problem first cropped up, the problem disappeared. But it came back again. this has reinforced my feeling that it could be a keyboard virus.

    5) when i right-click on my desktop, in the context menu, the 'graphic options' menu does not appear.

    6) In one of the 'svchost.exe' (network service) in the task manager, i found a lot of memory being used. when i tried to delete it, a message popped up that said 'the computer will close in ... seconds' and a countdown began. this happened 2 to 3 times. after that, i decided not to fiddle with the task manager.

    Was it a malware? i checked this today (4 Dec, 2009) and the same thing happened and the computer restarted all by itself.

    7) when i did a scan with a free-version antivirus called verx a few weeks ago, it detected four malwares: herss.exe; qcod.exe in c: with a rootkit; some problem in the registry; and, cvasds0.dll in temp. The antivirus did not clean them and I cant afford the paid version of the software. verx also showed one more suspicious file but the next time i scanned, the file was not detected. i later deleted the free version of verx from my computer since it now served no further purpose.

    8) for the last 4 days, when i start the internet, the two-monitor icon flashes and the task manager shows data being received and intermitently sent even when im not downloading any thing or opening any website. upon a friend's suggestion, i downloaded a program called TCPView which shows that a 'svchost.exe' regularly tries to connect with a remote address ",," and so on meaning any one address in the series TCPView also informs that this connection is executed by the following command: "C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs". When i try to terminate the connection, the modem hangs and iv to restart the computer to get it to function again.

    I would have gone for a complete format but i formatted my computer 5 months ago. And i dont want to go through it again. It's tedious having to reinstall everything. Besides, I dont do ebanking and other sensitive stuff on my computer.

    Please help! im at my wit's end. Thank you in advance.

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    The logs don't show anything suspicious... How do you connect to the Internet? This may be hardware related, and not a malware issue
  3. swanbau

    swanbau TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hello tmagic650, i use a dialup (cdma) connection...
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