My computer is simply stupid! :(

By es90210
Jul 18, 2010
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  1. So my computer is being stupid. So my computer froze last night and I waited for it to "un-freeze" But it didnt so I shut it down by holding the power button ( Im running with on a Hp/Compac Vista 1gb ra 160gb hard drive ) So i restarted it and it usually asks you to do a disk check...I let it continue with the CHKDSK disk check and it keeps freezing,not slowing down freezing at 6% So I shut it down by holding the power button again I restarted but canceled the disk check and went right to the log-in page... When I logged into my usual user it wont load and whenever I click something it freezes...So I shut it down AGAIN and when I restarted I logged into the other user which I dont normaly use...If loaded fine so after it was done loading I restarted the computer using the options "restart" came up with the disk check again...froze I shut the computer down for the 4th time! I restarted and tried to run it in 'safe mode' and it froze getting into safe mode! I dont know what else to do :( So if you have ANY idea whats going on please help even if its just help with the disk check Please :O Oh and oops sorry for mis-spelled title! Haha My bad
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    Is it a notebook? What are the complete specs / model number of this machine ?

    Try booting 'Last Good Known Configuration' if it boots up, use the 'other' account to log in, instead of your normal account. If you know your computer's hard disk model / make go to manufacturer's site and download the diagnostic utility and check your hdd thoroughly for any errors or issues.

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