My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

Sorry for that long title. Anyway, I was watching some YouTube videos when my wi-fi suddenly stopped worked. With this, I don't mean that I'm not catching signal from my router. I mean that my computer isn't receiving signal from any network. I don't know anyway to fix this, it never happened. I also won't buy a new computer. I got this on Christmas and I think that 7 months isn't that old. Also, the only tutorial I found doesn't applies to my computer (It was for a mac :(). I have no idea of how to fix this and if you know, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (If you are curious of how I am posting this, it works with Ethernet connection)
It's an ASUS computer with Windows 8.


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Give the following a try and see if it helps:
Go to network sharing center - change adapter setting - click on wifi and then Diagnose this connection.

If this does not help, please let us know and we can suggest something else to try.

Jad Chaar

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What type of router do you have and where in the house are you? The signal may not be reaching your PC (if the router is weak).


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Check to make sure you have not turned wireless off. Portables usually have the ability to turn off radio (aka: wireless) with a simple keyboard fn sequence or even a designated button.

Whether it is a desktop or Netbook, the wireless adapter can be replaced. There is no need in replacing the machine over a defective card. Since you said ASUS, I assume you have a Notebook. Notebooks new enough to have Windows 8 will likely have the following type of cards.

Mini PCIe Wireless - Newegg listing