My computer keeps restarting automatically

By Louisalexandre
Apr 18, 2009
  1. I use my computer for gaming, I dont know much about PC and hardware. I've been playing Starcraft broodwar, things were good until around 1 of april, in time I opened some ports so I could host some games
    week later, windows started shutting down (going through shut down process),it could restart too unless I'd shut the power off
    then I was getting errors like of: dll, .exe, eternet explorer before the pc shut down then after the CD-roms couldnt be updated or detect CDs
    so I formated my computer at my dad's place then
    like I said I don't know much about computer
    no more errors now but it restarts when it wants to it even rebooted when I was activating windows by phone, it can restart 5 seconds after I start my PC, 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 3 hours regardless what I am doing
    please help
  2. Tmagic650

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    Maybe a bad power supply...
  3. treetops

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    is your computer a emachine? if so go here

    Make sure your fan is running, if your power supply is failing, affecting your fan, your computer will not be cooled and pieces of your computer will slowly burn up. If the fan is shutting off replace your power supply.

    Go to start run, type in dxdiag hit enter save the log and post your specs anytime you ask for advice.

    Download this to check your tempature

    If your your core is above 60 celcius or 140 degrees its to hot, in which case, open your computer case and point a household fan at it at all times your computer is running.

    Next try unplugging your cdrom, it could be faulty, see if this fixes it. Good thing you dont need a cd rom to play sc eh?

    Make sure windows is up to date and ie.

    Clean your computer up, if you really think opening those ports let some nasties in go here, go there anyways.

    Now then, still not working? Replace that power supply.
  4. deazy86

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    Check out this site you might definitely get some help.
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