My Computer, Recycle Bin & IE Does Not Explore

By Dhaval1017
Apr 29, 2009
  1. Hi, i m new to the forum,
    I have been facing an issue with few systems in lan. Whenever i click on My computer,
    Recycle bin & IE, it does not open their normal window or Rather it does not open any window. However other programs are working fine for the same. Just these program does not work. Try to explore from run Command. It does open the C: OR D: drive. But IE does not works.

    Can u please help me to get around this issue. I have already checked in Task Manager for any miscellaneous activity. But didn't get through. However i find DWWIN.exe process running in background whenever i end the process the explorer shows the current Drives. And again it regenerates the DWWIN.exe and does not open any drives.
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