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By Zen
May 23, 2011
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  1. I thought I would throw in some images tonight of some of my current computer set up's in my home.

    This image is that of my (in home server) set up, nothing to fancy or to special, just enough horse power to get the job done.


    Sever Spec's

    Dell Dimension 3000
    Linux Ubuntu 10.10 (Desktop Version) (64bit)
    Intel Pentium 4 (H/T) 3.0 Gig CPU
    4 Gig's of Kensington RAM (DDR2)
    Nvidia Geforce 4200 Ti (128MB AGP)
    DVD/CD ROM combo drive (no burning capability)
    1 Internal 500 Gig Maxtor drive, 1 external 1TB WD drive
    Microsoft blue illuminate mouse
    Microsoft blue illuminate keyboard
    15 inch Dell LCD Monitor (1024 x 768) max. resolution

    The sever only offers 2 channel or 2.0 sound off the motherboard, it's crap. But to make up for this I have the motherboards sound adapter integrated with my Panasonic 5.1 Dolby Pro-logic home theatre system, that's the green colored jack plug on the front of the Panasonic, granted it's not true 5.1 from the computer, but the theatre system does a good job pretending it's 5.1! This system is located in my master bedroom and is networked with the two other computers in my home.


    This next image is that of my Toshiba lap top computer. Which kind of goes just about every where in and around the outside of my home. Currently I have the lap top positioned by my black leather recliner in my living room. This has been done out of maximum convenience to myself. Nothing like having the world at one finger tips, while relaxing in ones easy chair! It is also resting atop a newly purchased lap top cooler stand, two medium sized fans are blowing cool air into the lap top, via the lap top's under intake fan. The fans get their power from one of the lap top's USB ports, so the cooler stand can go anywhere the lap top can go, even on battery power.


    The unit is a 3 year old Toshiba lap top, some spec's if interested.

    Toshiba x205 (dual SLi) lap top computer
    Ubuntu 10.10 (Desktop Version) (64bit)
    Intel Centrino (dual core) CPU @ 2.8 Gig's, over clocked to 3.0 Gig's
    4 Gig's of Corsair DDR2 RAM
    2 Matching Hatachi 500 Gig Hard Drives
    2 matching Nvidia 8800m's 1 Gig of power combined, hence (SLi)
    HD DVD/CD-ROM/Burner combo drive
    HDMI digital audio/video output
    AGP analog audio/video output
    Harman/Kardon 4.1 Dolby Surround Sound
    17 inch LCD screen


    The last system I'm showing here is my recently re-located primary desktop computer. I moved this system to my living room, as to supplement my recently destroyed 42 inch Vizio LCD television, the sucker imploded. Now once again I have a form of entertainment back in the living room, so I've deemed this my "multi-media" machine. The computer is old compared to today's standards. It was made back in the year 2005 and originally came stock with Microsoft Windows XP "Media Center" Edition on it. Here is a couple of images of the system.....

    Front close up, there's the Dell, my 1 HR battery back up and 1 ext.. 1TB drive & HP ext. DVD/CD-ROM drive

    Wide frontal shot, 2 main wall mount speakers, plus sub and center speaker

    Dell Spec's

    Dell Dimension 5100c
    Linux Ubuntu 10.10 (Desktop Version) (64bit)
    Intel Pentium 4 (H/T) 3.0 Gig CPU
    4 Gigs of Patriot DDR2 RAM
    1 80 Gig internal Maxtor HD, 1 external WD 1TB HD
    1 Internal Sony DVD/CD-ROM/Burner combo drive
    1 External Hewlett Packard DVD/CD-ROM/Burner combo drive
    Sony 3.5 inch diskette drive
    PNY NVIDIA Low Profile Quadro FX 380 (512MB DDR3)
    Intel LGA775 Motherboard
    Intel motherboard sound adapter, 7.1 capable, 5.1 in use
    Acoustic Authority 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
    24 inch Envision LCD monitor
    Dell wireless keyboard & mouse

    My Dell 5100c might be old, but she still gets the job done. The Hewlett Packard external drive is new to the system, bought recently at a garage sale for $5.00, I'm using it as the systems primary DVD/CD-ROM drive as to help keep internal system temps low and preserve the internal drive. Plus one nice thing about the external DVD drive, has it's own power supply, doesn't use the internal power supply, also helping keep temps down. I used the drive for the first time the other night while entertaining company, I popped in my Iron Man DVD, not one problem at all and everyone was comfortable and entertained. :) I'm also using my Dell 5100c to watch downloaded movies and listen to music via streaming off my (in home server). Kind of interesting having ones living room coffee table being ones desk! :eek:

    Well that's it, don't really know why I am feeling compelled to share my set up's, but I figured "why not"! Also I would have displayed all of this inside the "Picture Gallery" but I'm to close to my upload limit, didn't want to risk going to the wall with this stuff.

    Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my little world, thank you for your attention and your time!
  2. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 861   +50

    Toshiba ((Showcase))

    I guess I got bored here and thought why not present a showcase of images pertaining to each system. So right now I will showcase my Toshiba x205 lap top computer.

    Frontal view of my lap top!

    Side shot of the internal DVD/CD-ROM combo drive!

    AGP & HDMI and other various port shot!

    Sound system label shot!

    Nice custom red colored rear protector face plate!

    Well that concludes this edition of the Toshiba showcase. There's only so many photo's one can take of a lap top before one runs out of material, and folks, I'm all out.

    Again, thank your for your attention and your time, please have yourself a nice day, or night, where ever it is that you are at in the world! :)
  3. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 861   +50

    The In Home Server ((Showcase))

    Well I'm just now getting around to showcasing my in home server. Trust me folks, their ain't nothing special in regards to my server, it's plain, it's simple and it's fairly old.

    Well I guess here we go.........

    Direct frontal shot of the Dell Dimension 3000, kind of plain Jane if you ask me!

    Your common rear view of the server, all pretty much stock and simple!

    There's the gut's of the unit, almost all stock and almost always super clean!

    Not to impressive, just a Dell 15 inch LCD monitor. Sorry about the quality of the image, my camera doesn't take shots like this very well.

    And finally the total package.......


    Well that concludes this edition of this showcase. As always, thank you for your time here and please have a nice day. :)

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