My computer starts up but my screen will not turn on

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Dec 1, 2009
  1. I recently put in an upgrade to my ram from 512 mb to 768 total Ram. I went to turn it on and I saw a spark where the P1 is at, and now the screen will not turn on, but my hard drive still turns on or runs? Did I short circuit my motherboard? could it be my video graphics card? any help on getting it back to working condition? thanks
  2. pcaceit

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    Make sure you unplug mains lead after you shutdown. Remove the upgrade ram and try starting again. when you say "where the P1 is at" do you mean the power connector to the Mainboard?.

    Could be a few things but i suspect you have blown a ram module or the PSU.
  3. zackattack

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    Yes. I believe the P1 is the main connector to the motherboard
  4. pcaceit

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    If it still fails to start after you remove the new ram! then try:
    remove all ram modules except one original, and try restarting (test all the modules this way)
    shutdown and remove power after each test.
    if all fails then consult your mainboard manual for instructions on how to "Clear CMOS" try that. and if it still fails then try a different Power supply unit.
    and if that still fails then your mainboard is finished.
    if you dont have parts to test it i would take it to a pc shop for a diagnosis.

    If you have onboard graphics its worth removing your graphics card and try starting system using the onboard graphics.
  5. ManQu

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    As a foot note i wouldn't remove the power cord when playing with ram ,just power the PSU down even switch off at the mains socket.
    While connected the earth will act as an earth strap if you touch the case before touching the RAM modules....least it helps remove the static charge build up.
    But if in doubt ,then do remove the cord and touch a radiator or other earthed metal device.
    This might seem over kill but when you pop a ram card and spent 2 hours trying to fix a problem you do learn to remove static before playing..least i do now.......
  6. sshedlock

    sshedlock TS Rookie

    have you tried a different video card? have seen this problem a few times before myself.
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