My computer wont boot up (more info on whats going on inside)

By Andino
Jul 17, 2010
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  1. recently i was deleting all these old files on my cpu by going to the start menu, control panel, and clicking "change, remove" programs.... i did that and i was almost positive i didnt delete anything i need (not to good w/ cpus) but i think i did b/c whenever i start up my cpu it says DELL and i can press f2 and f12 but after that it just goes blank and i only have to press the power button one time to turn off not hold it to turn it off please help me.
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Try removing and replacing the CMOS battery also clearing the BIOS may help. I could try to assist more but the only description you give of your System (cpu) is DELL or as you said
  3. veldom

    veldom TS Rookie

    the remove programs feature in control panel shouldn't contain anything that could do as you describe to your system, it's really there as another way to uninstall programs you've put on you pc.

    I suppose it's possible you deleted the drivers for your graphics card. These arn't used when you first boot up so you'll see the loading pages as you pc post's and you'll get the option to enter the bios set up page ( del ) and the option to press F12 which is other boot options.

    try pressing F12 and selecting boot into windows safe mode with networking, see if you can load into windows that way, It'll load only basic and essential drivers and programs. You could from here use system restore to revet you pc back to a time when it was working properly. This is something of a stab in the dark though, if you could post up some more details of your pc and any error messages or beebs you hear we might be able to provide a better and more accurate response.

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