My computer won't stay turned on

By Ruin368
Dec 15, 2009
  1. OK. Heres how it went. My old motherboard or processor was shot and i wasn't sure which one it was so i replaced both of them. I had a processor sitting around that was fairly decent and the mother board was brand spanking new. I bought 2 gbs f RAM for it and i had a awesome graphics card from teh old computer. So i gets my new Motherboard stick it in (got everything plugged in at this point. I boot it up and everything looks good. Saw my desktop which i hadn't seen in FOREVER and all these install new driver windows pop up and BAM! teh motherboard's cd wouldn't be recognized by the computer.( i was using a IDE/SATA adapter for it. CD drive works fine plugged it in with my hard drive and it can boot from cds now. And teh hard drive looks good. So i boot up again and BAM! it turns off. No error messages, no warnings nothin. So i thought "huh weird" and turns it on again shuts off again. My tech friend thought it was the power supply so i replaced my old 288w with a 580w. And boots it up again and it shuts off again. So here i am trying to figure out whats going on in my computer. And i really feel bad cus its been about two months since my gaming compy has worked so here i am begging y'all to help.
    (If you need more specific info just post for it.)
    Thanx, ~R
  2. tipstir

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    Did you clear the CMOS on the new MOBO (motherboard)?

    Test the CPU under stress
    Test the RAM under stress
    Test the Video under stress
    Test the HDD under stress
    Test the MOBO under stress

    There is free software that you can run in the pre-windows before Windows load. MemTest was one you can test the Memory. Sounds like one of your components is not functioning. If the PSU is new right. If everything checks out you should blow out the OS wipe the HDD then install a fresh copy as sometimes what had worked prior might not work with the new hardware. It should work. I had a system where it run 24/7 installed a new PSU. I would come back after 12 hours and the all system would be shutdown. The issue was the new 550watt Green PSU. Gone faulty!
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