My computer won't turn on

By DCElie ยท 8 replies
Oct 17, 2010
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  1. 2 days ago my computer was working fine, i unplugged all the monitor, and power cord from the computer, so my mom can clean the room for her job.
    When I connected everything back together my computer wont turn on,
    the monitor worked fine, the darddrive would not turn on. I opened the case to see if there was power, and there was, there was a green light beside the power supply connection, so
    i thought it was the panel for the
    Reset , power led, and all the hdd connections, I unpluged them and tried to see if that was it, nothing worked, i tried plugging them in different slots but nothing worked,
    the computer wouldnt turn on, no sound or anything.
    so whats the problem??

    If its the power and reset and led connections, what the order are they connected ??
    My motherboard i believe is Intel d915 gav

    Please help, im not much of a tech person, so im really scared.
    i dont want to pay 100 dollars or something just to get someone to fix it
    and its just about the connections that was wrong with it.
    thank you.
  2. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    you probably just didn't hook everything up exactly the same. the easiest part to mess up is to reverse the mouse and keyboard if they're both the PS2 type and one isn't usb. The next easiest to mess up would be if the PC has onboard video and a card and you put the monitor to the onboard connector instead of the card. Really take a close look in the back and quit messing around inside, you didn't change anything in there for her cleaning did you?
  3. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    Having the mouse and keyboard connectors the wrong way around isn't going to stop the computer from running - It'll just stop the mouse and keyboard working, and in some cases cause POST to fail. It will still power up.

    If its not booting up at all, and you've checked the socket is switched on, confirm the rocker switch on the PSU (and the back of the case where the power lead connects) is set to on or 1. Its possible in your panic you've not realised its off.

    If that doesnt solve the problem, connect only the keyboard and remove every other connector, and power up the computer. With the keyboard connected it should boot right through into the welcome screen on the OS.

    Have you removed the power/reset plugs from the headers on the motherboard? If so, right now we need to know exactly (and I mean exactly) what you have touched, removed or replaced. You shouldn't have needed to touch anything connected to the motherboard.
  4. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    You might also check the power connection in the back of your monitor. Since lcd's usually connect pushed up into the unit, and the power is not screwed in like the vga/dvi connection is, it can come loose especially when moved around. Your vga'dvi connectors are screwed down right?
  5. krish2008

    krish2008 TS Rookie

    hmm that's kinda weird .. But prolly u gotta check out some technician if no other applied solutions work!
  6. DCElie

    DCElie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, the monitor keyboard and mouse arend plugged into the desktop.
    i only plugged the power cord and when i press the on button it wont turn on
    do i have to connect everything ? as in the monitor , mouse, keyboard for it to turn on?
    and if thats not the case.

    umm what i have touched and fiddled were,
    the reset , power, umm hdd, and the power led?
    and the speaker and I , II those guys.
  7. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    Well its certainly possible that fooling around with the case connections has added a new problem. For your future information, anything thats a switch (power button or reset button) are not polarity specific and can be put on either way since a switch is just a break in the line. But the speaker and led lights are, and need to be installed with the plus to plus and negative to negative. Reversing them will not ruin the motherboard but you could have other issues (lights stay on or not at all etc.). Most boards have a legend near the pins but if your like me you will need a magnifying glass to see it.

    When you go inside to check your case connection wires, also reseat your video card unless your machine is onboard video only. There is a possibility you accidentally jiggled the card when you were removing the connector and its not all the way in.
  8. DCElie

    DCElie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Allright thanks, ill try checking them again, see if i have jiggled the card, and anything else. then ill update. but yeah hopefully some one can figure out what i did wrong. =( so depressed b/c my project is due next week and i was half way done.
  9. DCElie

    DCElie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SO nothing worked, I disconnected power connectors and reconnected them nothing, maybe it is the connectors that are attached to the on button? like power switch, reset switch , power led?
    and those ?

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