My Dell Inspiron 530 won't play games

By Medraidas
Jan 10, 2012
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  1. Hey Guys, sorry if i am posting in the wrong place
    that is actually what this topic is about
    i am having some issues with my computer taht are hard to explain
    other than it is pissing me off :D
    I can not play any games what so ever
    that include warcraft III, Startcraft, Age of Empires, The Sims 2,
    Empire earth and pretty much any other game i have..
    I heard i may to update my graphics card Drivers..Well honestly
    i am a bit of a lame *** when it comes to knowing anything tech wise
    about computers, I can however tell you it is a

    Dell Inspiron 530
    OS Windows XP pro SP3
    298 GB Hard drive
    2.75 GB RAM

    i am really unsure about other details, if you have any idea what might be causing these issues please let me know. Also if there is anymore info you need as i am sure there is because of my lack of knowledge with finding it let me know what it is i will try my hardest to list it here
  2. Dannyk0ed

    Dannyk0ed TS Member Posts: 63

    Do you have a graphics card? Not talking about intergrated. We will talk about graphics cards in a minute, Since the games your trying to play are kinda old, try runing as admin. For graphics cards, you have a intel intergrated(That sucks) and your computer and use PCI-E X16, post a topic on Audio/Video section of the forums. And how much PSU(Power Supply Unit) do you currently have?

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