My Desktop Died :'(

By Killahoe
Mar 31, 2007
  1. I had been using my computer on and off all day long and i usually lock up my computer before i leave my desk and when i came back and logged in earlier my desktop was for lack of better words dead. I could not left click on my desktop and drag the selector anywhere. And when i did left click on my desktop it would change the icon on my mouse from the pointer to a cancelled out sign. I am able to right click on my desktop and go into properties etc.. but my desktop is completely inactive. All functions otherwise on my computer are running normal i am still able to play games, open programs, and everything else. I tried doing a system restore 3 days back even though it had been working fine 15 minutes prior but that didn't work, and i also did a virus scan using norton antivirus.. anyone know whats wrong or have an idea's?
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